Friday, August 7, 2009

Special Commemorative Mission Coin Fires Up Danish Missionaries

It is becoming more common for mission presidents to come up with unique slogans and placing them on commemorative coins. I came across another very cool mission coin that fires up missionaries in the Denmark Copenhagen Mission.

Earlier I posted about Slogans and Symbols where the Korea Daejeon mission president also used a commemorative coin. I think the ones designed by the Danish Mission President Douglas J. Olauson Sr. though are a little slicker.

Elder Ricky Pullan's father reports on his son's mission blog how the coin was developed:

(I had heard Ricky’s mission president gives out special coins to the missionaries and I asked him about it. President Olauson used to be a Chaplin in the navy. Apparently there is a tradition of handing out “putting on the armor of God coins to the servicemen. President Olauson now also gives them to his missionaries. The RWH stands for Return With Honor) The coins are AWESOME! I attached pictures of both sides. Apparently the different branches, divisions, etc. have different coins that they give out to each other. This coin is one of the rarest amongst them... President told us a story one time of him giving the coin away to an admiral or something and he began to cry. Apparently it's a really big honor. Anyway, they are way cool and I carry mine around with me everywhere. It's a great reminder... it's pretty big too... maybe an inch and a half in diameter???

These coins will be interesting mementos in the years ahead for missionaries who served in the Danish Mission. I am not sure every mission president has the means or the creative talent to design a coin for every mission. But it sure is a good marketing tools and conversation piece.

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Left Field said...

"Commemorative coin" has a specific meaning in numismatics. Since these are not legal currency, they should properly be referred to as medallions. Until I read the post, I was quite startled by its title, thinking the Danish government had issued a coin commemorating Mormon missionaries in Denmark.