Monday, February 22, 2010

Missionary Email: Chinese New Year in Danshui, Taiwan

Hello, Hello. Today we created our new email accounts. It took me personally a ridiculously long time because it was having issues and didn't recognize who I was, but I finally got it. Woohoo.

This week, there hasn't been a whole lot that went on to talk about. I have bronchitus again...I got it in the MTC, and then I got again about 2 days ago. I went to the doctor right away about it, because it got pretty extreme pretty fast, but the stuff he gave me isn't working I don't think. There has been no status change...I cough so hard I start barfing and my lungs hurt really bad. People are really concerned about me, Whitney made me some kind of soup stuff and milk and brought it to me yeah, that's what's up for the immediate. It's been raining for this last week, and I think that my socks always being soaking and my feet being cold all the time is probably the reason I got sick...who knows. All I know, is I hope I get better soon, because on the mission being sick is the worst...

This week we did not do a lot of investigator work, we pretty much spent the whole week going from lunch to dinner appointments. It was Chinese New Years. We ate a LOT of good food and really were able to become closer to the members. I feel like I know more members now in this area than in any other area on my entire mission, because I spent the last week with members...I just really felt the importance of member work as we sat around the table last Sunday at the Beitou ward MM's leaders table and shared our individual conversion stories. Since that was early into the New Years (it lasts 8 days) I was able to just see how going to members could be an uplifting experience from the beginning, and was able to just have a good time the rest of the New Years. I didn't fair too bad...I weighed myself before and after, and even being fed lunch and dinner for a straight week, and eating until I couldn't eat anymore, I only gained 1.4 lbs...which I probably am in the process of losing with this dreadful cough I have.. Not too shabby! One of the Elders gained 11 lbs, but he could use it, he's a skinny guy.

I know that's not a lot, but that's really all that went on this week...nothing really new to update about...Whitney got confirmed Sunday, and is actually to my left emailing with us...well playing on facebook and MSNing while we email. haha. She came to Zhuwei to give me stuff for my cold...We've been calling people to meet with us, since the new years is over...and slowly we will transition back into a regular schedule...

I'll send pictures now because not much to write. Love you guys

Sister Flora Bruno

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