Thursday, March 4, 2010

Transfer 8 Week 5

Tuesday,  March 2, 2010 9:24 PM

Hello. Again I'm sorry, but this might be kind of a fast and not too  interesting of an email. This week has been a little slow, and a lot of  it was dealing with a couple medical problems, so I don't know how much  I can come up with to write about, but I'll try my best.

The only real investigator update that I can really think about is  we are meeting with someone named Susana (Huang) who is doing really  great. I guess she contacted the Shilin Elders, and started meeting  with them, but they passed her over to us sisters when they realized she  lived in the Beitou Area. They had already set a baptism goal with her when they passed  her to us, so her date goal is the 28th I believe. So far she's doing  really good, and it's completely possible that she will be baptized on  her first goal. She came to church on Sunday, and just really has a  testimony that she knows that God is real and will answer her prayers  and comfort her. She shared her testimony with us about how before she  didn't think there was a God, but one day, thought really long and hard  about it, and realized if there was no God, this earth is kind of a  rotten place...but when she realized God really does exist, she realized  she had a lot to learn and prepare for in this life. She's really  great and I just am glad to be able to teach her. She's been a great  friend to us, and just loves to meet and talk. She talks quite a bit,  so I feel like we are good friends and know her pretty well, because she  shares a lot with us. She just called..haha to make sure we were still  meeting tomorrow. So yeah! She's doing really good. We were going to  share a third lesson on Tuesday, but ended up changing the lesson plan a  little, because not only did neither of us feel good, but Susana just  really said she knew an important part of changing is following  commandments, and asked us what commandments she needed to follow, so we  told her we'd share one with her, and shared just the first principle,  faith, of the third, and talked about the Sabbath and its importance. She said she'd  do her best to follow that commandment, such as talk to her boss and see  if Sunday could be gotten off, since she changes jobs soon. I'm glad  we have such an amazing investigator who is willing to put faith into action.

This past week, we did companion exchanges. We also will do them  this coming week and next week, as my companion is the coordinating  sister for this transfer, and needs to exchange with each Sister once(which means 4 exchanges, and we have now done 2). I stayed in my area  and went senior for the day. It wasn't a piece of cake day, but went  pretty well despite the fact that we had a full schedule for the  exchange, then every single appointment canceled. We were able to get on the bikes, which is a rare occasion in this area, and go out towards Beitou and leave some notes on some members doors that the relief society asked us to focus on. I was able to set with with one of them, and by some kind  of divine set-up, we ran into her when we went to do tours Saturday, and  she was really excited for us to come over again this next week when  she is actually home. I think the note really helped soften her up,  because she's usually been a little standoffish towards sisters, and  more attached to Elders. So I'm excited to go meet her some more.

Which reminds me, we did temple tours on Saturday and it was BUSY. I  kind of liked it...a lot. Even though I've always been close enough to  the city to do tours every transfer since transfer one (which means I've done it a good 15ish times now) I've never been in on a Saturday. I  mean, I was sick and completely exhausted by the end of the day, with  being so busy and so sick, but it was just amazing to see so many tours  and miracles. The typical number of tours for us in a week, in the  past, was 4 or 5 on a good day. On Saturday, we did 11. More than  double what I normally do. We were able to do investigator tours,  member tours, everything. We saw 9 referrals that day, and the temple  sisters also were doing tours, since it's busier, so the tour saw a ton  of referrals that day, and it just made me more appreciative of temple  tour, because the point of it is referrals, and we were able to see  quite a payout on it. Also, a really cute family walked in and said  they'd passed by a couple times, and had some interest in our teachings  and in primary. We were able to give them a quick tour, a Book of Mormon, and they wrote down their names to learn more about our church. I was glad I was  able to be a part of the beginning of that teaching process. We saw a  lot of miracles that day. Also, Chen Yiting, a new member from  Zhongli came down to see me and tell me about her dating experience with  a recently returned missionary. She's really cute and it was good to  see her again. She really wanted to see me, so I'm glad she was able to  come to temple tour and get that opportunity.

Nothing else really going on that I can think of to immediately talk week my preparation day will be normal Monday again. This  week it changed because we will head off to the temple in a little  while. They changed how temple day works, so we just go every 3 months now, and it changes preparation day to Wednesday that day. So, I'll  just have one more temple day on my mission,so I will appreciate it  while I can. I know in South  Carolina we don't live too super close to the temple, so the  weekly MTC temple experience I had might be hard pressed to ever have again, but I think once a month or two can be good if we are focused on  the purpose. I'm glad I get to go today....Write again next week.

Love you guys,

Sister Flora Bruno (Fu)

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