Friday, August 6, 2010

Lladro Missionaries Figurine: Spain Barcelona Mission

I discovered an interesting blog the Spain Barcelona Mission.  President Gordon B. Hinckley's son Clark Bryant Hinckley and his daughter-in-law Kathleen Hansen Hinckley are serving as the Mission President and wife there.  I spent a couple of hours reading the blog and found it contained some interesting things.

Kathleen described a visit to the Lladro Outlet right before Christmas in 2009  and turned me on to this interesting and very expensive porcelain figurine by the Lladro Brothers

She actually posted about it since it is made in a factory in her mission boundaries:

After completing interviews in Valencia last week, we drove by the Lladro factory outlet store and bought our Christmas present - a Lladro figurine of two Elders - which is now on display in a case in our entry hall. The Lladro family created this figurine a few years ago and it has been a popular piece. We especially like the fact that, on close examination, you can tell these are missionaries from the Spain Barcelona Mission: they have briefcases rather than backpacks!
The Hinckley's are a class act and have a graphically pleasing blog.  I was impressed with the furnishings in the mission home.  Sister Hinckley is a very good photographer and comes up with some catchy post titles.

You can buy the figurine directly from the Lladro Factory if you want.  I wondered how a person could buy one in the United States since they looked kind of cool.  I went to Amazon to see if I could buy one.  I discovered that they sell for around $500 which might be a bit pricey for some of us like me.  Ebay had one for $275 which was a bargain and more in my price range.

I had not encountered this figurines before so it was another thing to add to my missionary knowledge of missionary trivia.


Michael said...

Sorry but Brother Jeff Lindsay claims the missionaries are from Argentina and one of them is his son.

See his post on the statue below:

The statues have been out for an number of years. I have two of them.

Dr. B said...

Nice bit of information. The part she has right is that they are made at the factory in Spain. The part she has wrong is that part explained by Jeff Lindsay.

David said...

At £275 they're a bit steep for me but it's great to see the church recognised through sculpture.