Saturday, August 7, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes: Missionary Shares Financial Reasons for Mission Reductions

I fell across the blog of Chris Christiansen, a missionary in the Australia South Mission, who was apparently told by his mission president what  Dennis Simmons thought were the reasons for the mission reductions that occurred on 1 July 2010.  I don't believe any missionary could come up with these reasons on their own. Elder Christiansen wrote:

Big news. The Sydney south is no longer going to be a mission as of July 1st. The North and South are combining into one like the olden days! Pres. Simmons and will still be president. Pray for him and Sister simmons. They are going from about 100 missionaries to look after to 200. The south area takes about 8 hours to drive from top to bottom and will now take them 24. WOW.

They are combining it for cost reasons and for effectiveness reasons.There are less missionaries going out so they are sending more missionaries to places like South America where the people are really ready for the gospel and pulling out of areas that are drying up. It cost 1.2 million a year to keep the south open, apparently the $10,000 I earned for my mission only covers 2/5 of what it costs to keep me here.

I always suspected that by downsizing the amount of total missions the church could save a lot of money running in to the millions.  I also realize that it cost a lot more to keep missionaries out than what they are paying in to be on a mission.  I also suspect that the decline in missionaries would cause the church to redistribute them to where they could be more effective. This is a fascinating post.

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Josh L. said...

We were told by Elder Bednar the downsize in missions goes with a new policy. They judge the number of missionaries by unit amounts. 1 male companionship per unit. In Taiwan we have about 100 units so they cut back to 2 missions with about 200 elders to cover those 100 units. Sisters are not factored into this amount. He told us this last year in a couple mission meetings when he toured the island. I was his interpreter.