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Scooter Tracting in the Taiwan Taipei Mission Reaps Baptisms

Sister Flora Bruno on her trusty bike
My daughter Flora (Fui Jimei) who served a mission in the Taiwan Taipei Mission reported on 1 August 2010 to the High Council of the Charleston South Carolina Stake about her missionary experiences in Taiwan.  One of the best ways she talked about getting investigators was to ride up on her bike to people who were stopped on their scooters. The missionaries would then invite them to church or asking them if they could come over and talk with them.  Many people are baptized in Taiwan and other places in Asia this way.  Most missionaries have Chinese names since the Taiwanese can't pronounce their American names.

Sister Flora Bruno scooter tracting

Sister Bruno explained how they scooter tracted in an earlier post in 2009:

This week was really amazing and we saw a lot of miracles.  Our zone leaders have started an experiment and wanted us to start counting a new key indicator separate to our other ones in addition to everything else, to compare the old way of counting lessons and seeing how we were doing on contacting.  They are called seeds.  Us sisters made up the name for what they are called though.  Haha. Fake lessons didn't sound as good.  So anyways, to get a seed you have to share 2 principles from a lesson and invite someone to do something.  If it is on your bike to someone on the scooter next to you, and you only have 30 seconds to share two principles and an invite, if they don't want to pull to the side and set up, the invite is usually just if they will read the pamphlet we give them and try a prayer.  People usually say yes though.  So yeah, it started Monday and my companion and I got 22 so far (Monday and Tuesday).  Our original goal was 20 for the week we were counting them, but we went on exchanges Monday and Tuesday, and I went senior in the area for a day, and my companion is a Native Taiwanese, only 3 weeks into her mission, so she was just really willing to go with the flow. . .
Elder Rasmussen sharing something from Book of Mormon

Elder Brock Rasmussen (Rui Zhang Lao) really gets into scooter tracking and stops multiple people so that he can Dan Jones them which is to stand in front of them and preach a quick sermon:  On 25 July 2010 he informs us:

This is when we went Dan Jonesing at the intersection. We just stood there at red lights and preached. It was an event of a life time! When you testify of Jesus Christ in front of that many people the spirit of the Lord just flows through you and you just want to baptize them all, it was so much fun!
Elder Christoff Weinberger (Wei Zhang Lao) baptized a few people he found while scooter tracting. On 3 November 2009 he reported:

The 18 year old, his name is Zhong. He talked about before he ran into the missionaries God to him was just a Buddhist statue, or something you go bow in front of. He said that now he feels that when he prays he feels good knowing that he has a God or heavenly father he can communicate with. He said that he knew God was listening to him! It was awesome. He is actually someone I rode up to at a stop light and asked him to pull his scooter over about two months ago. He has met with us ever since. What a miracle!

 On 30 July 2009 he wrote:
 Anyway, sweet miracle happened. I am not sure if I already told this but about 3 weeks ago my companion and I were at a stop light in the morning on the way to the chapel. It was super early so we were both way tired. Anyway this kid pulled up on a scooter about 20 feet away from us. I didn't think much of it. But I had this urgent feeling to go talk to him. I just kept feeling in my head I am way to tired I just want to get to church that is all. But this urgent feeling kept bugging me to go up to him and talk to him. Anyway long story short I told Satan to zip it and I rode up to this guy and asked if he would pull over so we could talk to him. He has met with us constantly for the last three weeks and is getting baptized on my Birthday. I am so stoked! I love this gospel. One of the things I discovered this past week has completely changed my mission, and yet it is one of the most simple doctrine's of the church.

One of the downsides to tracting people on scooters is that you sometimes get hit by a car.  Flora shared a minor accident which occurred to her in May 2010:

I just had gotten hit by a car, just about 2 hours earlier, so I took their criticism really really bad and had a hard time even talking in MM meeting because it was my first time and I was nervous and the Elders were mean to me, and a car just hit me and my leg hurt...haha, so i just thought the whole world was crashing down around me, you know, those days where everything just, doesn't go right. But don't worry, it was all okay in the end, the MM leader got my progress record...the Elders and I talked and got back on the same terms, and the lady that hit me apologized and my bike wasn't hurt, just my leg, so I told her to not round corners so tight or fast and be careful...and everything worked out in the end.
 It is interesting the unique ways that mission presidents come up with to get the missionaries referrals. 

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