Monday, December 6, 2010

The Reason Why: Elder Eccles LDS Online Missionary

Have you ever felt strongly about something that you know has changed your life??  Whether it be the a speech, a speaker, a book, a soap opera, an acne cream, or whatever that something may be, you want to share it with everyone that will lend you an open ear. Thousands of people share their stories over the media to uplift and help others live better lives and have courage to stand for what is right. That is exactly how I feel about the message that we share as missionaries. This message has changed and sculpted my life in such a way that I know this can and will help anyone who applies it in their life. Henry David Thorough once said," Grief can take care of itself, but to have a fullness of joy there must be somebody to divide it with."

This past week I have learned a little more of what Henry David Thorough was trying to say. For the past couple of months, my companion and I have been working with the Quinones family. What wonderful people they are. I will never forget the first time we met them. As we began to teach this family more and more about the gospel of Jesus Christ, we began to see a light come into their lives. Now I'm not saying that they weren't already great and happy people, because they definitely were! But there began to be something more enter into their lives. Every week we went by, Katy(the mother) and Marina(the daughter) would share what they had learned with us through their own personal studies of the scriptures. But just because they were now reading the scriptures and going to church more often doesn't mean that their lifes were stress free. No, then the message that our Lord and Savior shares would be worth nothing to us when we obtained it because we paid nothing to receive it. But this wonderful family continued onward.  As they read from the Book of Mormon, it gave them a spiritual strength that helped them overcome many difficult situations in their lifes.

As they went through their own trials and bumps in the road, I remembered my own. I know what helped me keep my head above the water during those times, and I know that is what has helped the Quinones family. It is the love and peace that come from the knowledge of the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ.

About 3 months after our first visit with the Quinones, Katy and Marina were baptized by the Katy's husband Warren. As I saw them take that step in their lives, I felt joy because I know that they had taken a step that would change their lifes forever. I know that even if our lifes are not always perfect and how we had planned them, that we can find peace even during the most powerful storms of life. That is what The Quinones family and I have found, and that is what we are determined to share with the world. Whatever way we can, whether by phone, in person, or on the internet, we will share this message with whomever will lend us an open ear. Because we know that Jesus Christ lives! And he stands with open arms to receive whomever will reach for him. How can we not help him in such a great cause?!?!

Now this leads me to explain why we are now using the internet to spread this message. I know that whether face to face or over the internet the power of the message that we share can be felt. My calling is that of Paul , to take the gospel to the world!

With love,

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