Saturday, October 9, 2010

LDS Online Missionaries: California Santa Rosa Mission

The California Santa Rosa Mission has slowly but surely been joining the official Mormon Blogging network. They joined a couple of weeks ago with the other missions but only the mission president Jon Bunker posting a Facebook page.  President Bunker is from my hometown of Las Vegas and I ran across across him as a teenager at LDS Church dances which were attended by hundreds of kids from across the Las Vegas Valley.  He was a fine young man then and a fine man now.

Elder Eccles (left)
(returned home)

Sister Bianca Gorder (Facebook) 
Who Are You?  What Do You Stand For? (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

 Elder Nathan Hancock (Facebook)
Strength in the Storms of Life  (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

 Sister Brooke Kenemore (Facebook)
The Diary of A Sister Missionary (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

 Sister Reshell Lewis (Facebook) 
15,000 miles...A Journey of a Lifetime
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

Elder Mahrt (left)
Elder David Mahrt (Facebook) 
The Straight and Narrow (Blogspot)  (email)

Elder David Manciati (Facebook)  
Siempre Agradecido, Nunca Satisfecho (Blogspot)
Always Grateful, Never Satisfied (Blogspot) (email)
Sister Martinez (middle)
Hermana Eloisa Martinez (Facebook)  
Placentero Nos Es Trabajar: En La Viña Del Señor (Blogspot)
In Our Weaknesses He Makes Us Strong (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

 Sister Jessica Maughan (Facebook)

Earlier I wrote about the New York Rochester Mission being the first to pilot LDS missionaries officially blogging. A second wave of missionaries from six other missions the California Santa Rosa Mission, Connecticut Hartford Mission, Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission, Michigan Lansing Mission, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, and a special branch of the MTC the Referral Center Mission joined the network two weeks ago. This week the Montana Billings Mission came on board.

I really think the missionaries could use some friends to add on Facebook and to follow their blogs. They definitely need people to comment and get some discussions going. If you want to help in the official effort add them as your friends on both their blogs and Facebook pages.  They should have hundreds of friends who comment on their blogs plus if your like me you have dozens of nonmember friends.  If you want to help them make the new program successful please participate in their social media experiment then soon we might have thousands of missionaries using social media to convert thousands to Christ.  I really think all  missionaries and their mission presidents could use some friends right now so add  them

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Nathan said...

Keep up the good work, elders and sisters!

Nathan Richardson
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