Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LDS Online Missionaries: Connecticut Hartford Mission

The Connecticut Hartford Mission President and eight of his missionaries have come on board with Facebook pages. Elder Burbridge is the first missionary to add a solo blog The Gospel of Jesus Christ Online.

H. Gary Pehrson (Facebook) (email)

Earlier I wrote about the New York Rochester Mission being the first to pilot LDS missionaries who were authorized to blog. A second wave of missionaries from six other missions the California Santa Rosa Mission,  Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission, Michigan Lansing Mission, Montana Billings Mission, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, and a special branch of the MTC the Referral Center Mission have joined the network.  

I really think the missionaries could use some friends to add on Facebook and to follow their blogs. They definitely need people to comment and get some discussions going. If you want to help in the official effort add them as your friends on both their blogs and Facebook pages.  They should have hundreds of friends who comment on their blogs plus if your like me you have dozens of nonmember friends.  If you want to help them make the new program successful please participate in their social media experiment then soon we might have thousands of missionaries using social media to convert thousands to Christ.  I really think all  missionaries and their mission presidents could use some friends right now so add  them


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good word! There's not much point to my online gospel blabbering unless someone is reading it! :)

Dr. B said...

People might be reading your stuff but they might not comment. I get thousands of hits but few comments. You need to select topics that are currently on peoples minds or things they have always grappled with. If you want people to read your posts than you have to choose relevant topic which I see you did on your post on A Solid Person

rsj said...

Good Morning!

To gospelofjoy:

I tend to read/lurk rather than comment...I am sure many others do too. I would urge you, when you feel it may be a pointless waste of time and energy, to keepin mind that it may be just the right thing that some stranger may need...and that you may never know it. I guess it is kind of not know absolutely and for sure that your efforts did assist someone as they were ssearching the web...but I assure you that there have been many blogs here I have read and gotten encouragement and insite unexpectedly. Keep writing. :D

Be well

rsj said...

Oh, ps, (sorry)

I will also take into account that you and the others would like discussions and comments and try to post accordingly. :D