Tuesday, September 28, 2010

LDS Online Missionaries: Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission

There were only four LDS  missionaries from the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission on Facebook who tried out the pilot program.  President William G. Woods decided to not continue the program after a couple of months:

I didn't respond because we are no longer using the online missionaries program in our mission. We had several missionaries using it but met with limited success. We are implementing the "Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel" plus we are one of the pilot areas for the mormon.org campaign. this was too much for the missionaries all at one time. The facebook became just a distraction to the missionaries. The value of facebook would be with the members to share the gospel with their friends and then invite the missionaries to teach. In our experience with the four missionaries over two months, it didn't generate one teaching opportunity in the home.
I feel at some point it will have value, but for us right now in our mission, there are other focuses that we need to have our missionaries involved in. May the Lord bless you and make your efforts fruitful.

Sincerely, President Woods

(returned home)

Elder Joshua Kiser (Facebook)

Earlier I wrote about the New York Rochester Mission being the first to pilot LDS missionaries officially blogging. A second wave of missionaries from six other missions the California Santa Rosa Mission, Connecticut Hartford MissionMichigan Lansing Mission, Montana Billings MissionPennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, and a special branch of the MTC the Referral Center Mission  joined the network.  

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