Saturday, January 22, 2011

LDS Online Missionaries: Montana Billings Mission

The eighth mission unit the Montana Billings Mission has joined the LDS Blogging Network. Larry H. Gardner, mission president and eight of his missionaries initially joined Facebook. Now there are more than seventy missionaries online.

Elder Daffer says about his Facebook page:

Hey, just so everyone knows. The purpose for me having a Facebook is not to communicate regularly with friends and family back home. It is to give me aid as a missionary to get more involved in the community, and help me better fulfill my purpose.

Here is a list of the mission personnel:

Elder Whit Adams (Facebook)
My Faith and My Life (Blogspot) (email)

 Elder Nehoa Akina (Facebook)
A Firm Foundation on Christ (Blogspot)

Elder Josh Aldous (Facebook)

 Elder Mason Andersen (Facebook)
By Small and Simple Things (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Sister Kate Ashcroft (Facebook)
Sister Serving the Savior (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Russell Askay (Facebook)
You Are His Hands (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Brian Bennion (Facebook)
Hurray for Israel! (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Dallin Bergquist (Facebook)
 The Course to Eternal Bliss (Blogspot)
(transferred to Brasil Belo Horizonte Mission)

  Elder Derek Bird (Facebook)
A Birds Eye View (Blogspot)

 Elder Christopher Brooks (Facebook) 
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Justin Brown (Facebook)
Elder Brown's Mission (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Brooks Brunson (Facebook)
Trust in Thee Forever (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Sister Emmilie Buchanan (Facebook)
I Wonder When He Comes Again (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Hunter Buckman (Facebook) 
In the Lord's Vineyard (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Brock Butler (Facebook)
Called (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Theodore Butler (Facebook)
Scripture Talk (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Russell Cabral (Facebook)
I Believe in Christ (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Paden Carlson (Facebook) 
The Good News (Blogspot)
(returned home)

 Elder Ian Cassaro (Facebook)
The Whole Armor of God (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Cody Daffer (Facebook)
Following Jesus Christ (Blogspot)
(returned home)

 Sister Jess Davis (Facebook)
Hurray for Israel (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Mitch Davis (Facebook)
Davis Daily Bread (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

Elder Nate Davis (Facebook) 
Truth Restored (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile
(returned home)

 Elder Paul Jacob Davis (Facebook)
The Best Is Yet to Come (Blogspot)

 Elder Jordan Dearborn (Facebook)
Reflections (Blogspot)
(transferred to Brazil Sao Paulo Mission)

 Elder Derek Dunford (Facebook)

 Elder Max Elmer (Facebook)
From Phoenix to Montana (Blogspot
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Ron Tuimaseve Fio (Facebook)
Faith in Jesus Christ (Blogspot)

 Elder Weston Freeman (Facebook)
On the Lord's Errand (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Jeremy Garcia (Facebook)
Greet the Dawn (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Aaron George (Facebook)
How Firm A Foundation (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Sister Vicky Giang (Facebook)
All Nations Shall Flow Unto It (Blogspot)

 Elder Austin Goff (Facebook)
The Gospel of Jesus Christ (Blogspot)

 Elder Craig S. Goodwin (Facebook)
If A Monkey Kicks A Coconut Tree Does It Matter (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Daniel Greco (Facebook)
How Great Thou Art (Blogspot)

Elder Jacob Hamblin (Facebook)
A Disciple of Jesus Christ (WordPress)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Todd Hamblin (Facebook)
The Most Bomb-Legit Blog Ever (Blogspot)

 Elder Jay Hancock (Facebook)
My Testimony (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Seth Hanson (Facebook)
Every Soul Is Great in the Eyes of God (Blogspot)

 Elder Elden Haymore (Facebook)
A Marvelous Work (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder KC Heaton (Facebook) 
A Servant of the Most High (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile 

 Elder Christopher Henriksen (Facebook)
The Healer's Touch (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Walter Hepworth (Facebook)
A Moment in the Life of Elder W. Hepworth (Blogspot) (email)

 Elder Shane Herber (Facebook)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Parker Heywood (Facebook) 
To Find Happiness (WordPress) 
Mormon.Org  Profile  (email)

Elder Steven Hopkins (Facebook) 
Come and See (Blogpot) 

 Elder Gideon Holbrook (Facebook)
The Field Is White. Are You Ready (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

Elder John Horspool (Facebook) 
 May I Give Peace Unto You (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

Elder Kevin House (Facebook)
Missionary Life (Blogspot)

 Elder Jordan Houston (Facebook)
Light the Way (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile
406.788.2697 Mobile

Elder Robert Hughes (Facebook)
Why I Believe (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

Elder Griffin Hunsaker (Facebook) 
Missionary Moments (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

 Elder Austin Huntsman (Facebook)
Finding True Happiness (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Jordan Ika (Facebook)
 Late Night in Zion (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Sister Emily Ivie (Facebook)
Sister Ivie: Representative of the Lord Jesus Christ (Word Press)

 Elder Ryne Johansson (Facebook)

Sister KaeLynn John (Facebook)
Bringing the World His Truth (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Bryson King (Facebook)
Elder King (Blogspot)
 (returned home)

 Elder Kenneth Knudson (Facebook)

 Elder Kyle Krambeck (Facebook)
Mine Angels Round About You (Blogspot)

 Elder Jeffrey Kuck (Facebook)
To Bring the World Its Truth (Blogspot)
 The Kuck Book (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

 Elder Josh Larson (Facebook)
Learn More About Jesus Christ (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Lanham (Facebook) 
Elder Lanham's Blog (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

Elder Matt Lee (Facebook)
Mormon.Org Profile 

 Elder Dustin Leslie (Facebook)
Montana Missionary (Blogspot)  (email)

Elder Mark Lewis (Facebook)
A Moment in Time (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Elder Jason Lyons (Facebook) 
When Life Is Hard (Blogspot)
(returned home)

 Elder Nicholas Rudd Lunt (Facebook)
The Thoughts of A Stripling Warrior (Blogspot)

Elder Trevor Mangelson (Facebook)
Elder Mangelson--Montana Billings Mission (Blogspot)  (email)

 Elder Alec Matthews (Facebook)
My Mission (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

 Elder Geoffrey Merrell (Facebook)
Fishers of Men (Blogspot)

 Elder Taylor Miller (Facebook)
Publishing Peace (Blogspot)

Elder Reuben Miner (Facebook)
My Banner (Facebook)

 Elder Ryan Moore (Facebook)
Elder Moore (Blogspot) (email)

 Elder Jonathan Mortensen (Facebook)
Stand in the Light (Blogspot)

  Elder Tyler Mower (Facebook)
How to Find Strength (Blogspot)

 Elder Weston Mudge (Facebook)  (email)

 Elder Alexander Mull (Facebook)
The Sword of Truth (Blogspot)

 Elder Daniel Murillo (Facebook)
Elder Murillo 8 (Word Press)
Mormon.Org Profile

 Sister Britton Nez (Facebook)

 Elder Dustin Nielson (Facebook)
Lost in the Work (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Luke Nielson (Facebook)

 Sister Rachel Neilson (Facebook)
R Neilson (Word Press)

Elder Jensen Nelson (Facebook) 
Elder J. Nelson (Blogspot)  (email)

 Elder Zachary Nuttall (Facebook)
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

 Elder Spencer Orton (Facebook)
Knights of Zion (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

 Elder T J Owens (Facebook)  (email)

 Elder Andrew Palacios (Facebook)
Good News (Blogspot)

 Elder Parr (Facebook)

 Sister Stephanie Reed (Facebook)
Walk Tall. Be Strong. Shine On (Blogspot)

 Elder Mason Rice (Facebook)
A Word from Elder Rice (Blogspot)  (email)

Elder William Ritchie (Facebook) 
Come What May and Love It (Blogspot)

Elder Austin Roerdanz (Facebook)
What Is the Truth? (Blogspot)

Elder Tristan Rogers (Facebook)
What We Do (Blogspot)

 Elder Sean Ruch (Facebook)

 Elder Nathan Sabin (Facebook)

 Elder Jordon Sargent (Facebook)
Elder Jordon Sargent (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

 Elder Aaron Schermerhorn (Facebook)

 Elder Scott Senior (Facebook)

 Elder Jaren Sharp (Facebook)

Elder Aden Shelley (Facebook) (email)

  Elder Kheldon Sherwood (Facebook)
A Marvelous Mission (Blogspot)

 Elder David Short (Facebook)
My Witness (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile
  Elder Wes Sims (Facebook)
 The Life and Times of Elder W. Sims (Blogspot) (email)

Elder Austin Smith (Facebook)
Choose Ye This Day (Blogspot)

 Elder Spencer Smith (Facebook)
The Teachings of Christ (Blogspot)  (email)

 Elder Travis Southwick (Facebook)

Elder Brandon Stauffer (Facebook) 
The Trump of God (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

 Elder Andrew Steinicke (Facebook)

 Elder Jacob Stewart (Facebook)

  Elder James Synder (Facebook)
Footsteps (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile
(returned home)

 Elder Joe Tabor (Facebook)
Elder Tabor (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

Elder Bryce Taylor (Facebook) 
I Believe in Christ (Blogspot)  (email)

 Elder Ben Thomas (Facebook)
Truth form the Earth (Blogspot) (email)

 Elder Daniel Thomas (Facebook)
Thou Art A God of Truth (Blogspot) (email)

Elder Ryan Trujillo (Facebook)

 Sister Carlie Van Leishout (Facebook)
Ensign to the Nations (Blogspot)

 Elder Jordan Unga (Facebook)
Elder Unga (Blogspot)

 Elder Matt Vroom (Facebook) 
The Super Elders (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

Elder Mark Wahl (Facebook)
Memoirs of a Montana Missionary (Blogspot)
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

 Elder Morgan Wells (Facebook)
What Do Mormons Believe (Blogspot) (email)

 Elder Justin Weight (Facebook)
Mission in Montana (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile (email)

Elder Scott Wilkins (Facebook) 
The Words of Wilkins (WordPress)

Elder Willey (Facebook)

 Elder Hunter Wixom (Facebook)
A Marvelous World (Blogspot) 
Mormon.Org Profile  (email)

  Elder Shane Wood (Facebook)
Mormon.Org Profile

Elder Hayden Worwood (Facebook)
Looking Toward God (Blogspot)

 Elder Jared Young (Facebook)  (email)

Earlier I wrote about the New York Rochester Mission being the first to pilot LDS missionaries officially blogging. Two weeks ago a second wave of missionaries from six other missions the California Santa Rosa Mission, Connecticut Hartford Mission, Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission, Michigan Lansing Mission, Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission, and a special branch of the MTC the Referral Center Mission have joined the network.  This week the Montana Billings Mission came on board.

I really think the missionaries could use some friends to add on Facebook and to follow their blogs. They definitely need people to comment and get some discussions going. If you want to help in the official effort add them as your friends on both their blogs and Facebook pages. They should have hundreds of friends who comment on their blogs plus if your like me you have dozens of nonmember friends.

If you want to help them make the new program successful please participate in their social media experiment then soon we might have thousands of missionaries using social media to convert thousands to Christ. I really think all missionaries and their mission presidents could use some friends right now so add them.


Teresa said...

What a great missionary tool- the Church is always moving forward. It will be interesting to see how this works.
My son serves in the Montana Billings mission- =)
{Elder Mason Andersen}

Dr. B said...


It is very interesting how many missionaries are now online sharing the gospel. Also there are another thousand who also share the gospel unofficially including me. My daughter reported last week to the MTC. I am chronicling her adventures each week by sharing her weekly email on her own blog. It helps other potential missionaries see what really happens in the mission field.

I appreciate your comments and know what a blessing it is to have a child in the mission field. I can tell Elder Andersen must be a good missionary because he had you to teach him.

Mrs Wix said...

I am so excited about this program. I shared this part of my son's mission (Elder Hunter Wixom) with my ward during a recent testimony meeting. Afterwards, I had individuals tell me how they felt the Spirit testify what a great tool this can become for the Church. I am so grateful my son can be a part of this.

Leah Cassaro said...

I love these hard working Elders being able to use the internet as such as powerful tool. It's awesome!

Elder Hughes said...

The online missionary tool is wonderful. Check out my blog

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if this will get to any of the sister missionaries but I was just called to serve in the Montana Billings Mission!! Yay! I report April 6th and I'm having a hard time finding missionary appropriate boots for the winter (I wanted to get them during the end of season sales) any suggestions?

Popcanda Hoveered said...

Hi I just got my call there and I report Nov. 20 at the MTC. There is a family who just moved from Oregon and his mom know an Elder Young. She is sister Matthews I think.

Brother Sessions