Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Until We Meet Again: Elder Rogers LDS Online Missionary

I easily could say that I never had the perspective before my mission of what good-bye meant! Leaving a host of family and friends behind in Colorado I thought was a big deal and hard enough. Little did I realize that other members of the church, investigators, recent converts, fellow missionaries, and various others would mean so much to me through my journey as a missionary! Let it be known that this is why the mission is the most bitter sweet experience of my life! I call it the DREAM :) !! Last night our mission just sent home a group of faithful returned missionaries and it was another time to "tear off" a band-aid. As I contemplated on this reoccurring pattern of "saying good-bye" this video illustrates the feelings that are felt in such occasions!

With Love,

Elder Tristan Rogers

Connecticut Hartford Mission (LDS Online Missionary)
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