Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Elder J. J. Simonsen Native Inuit Greenlander Called on a Mission: Blog of the Month

Melva and Carl Wilberg, who were outreach service missionaries in Odense Denmark, sent me an interesting email about Elder Jens Jacob Simonsen, who is a native Inuit Greenlander who was called to the Utah Odgen Mission.  I don't know if he is the first Inuit missionary as they report but he is the first in a long time and he had an interesting background to say the least.

The Wilbergs report in an email:

We would like to add Elder Jens Jacob Simonsen to the list of missionary blogs. I think he is the first native Inuit from Greenland to become a missionary and enter the MTC.  He entered on December 14, 2010 and I am helping to write his blog.  There are no missionaries at this time in Greenland and Elder Simonsen's father is a mayor of three cities in Southern Greenland.  Elder Simonsen is the only Eskimo member of the church in those three cities if not most of Greenland.  He has been called to the Spanish speaking mission in the Utah Ogden Mission.
We met him near Odense, Denmark where he was going to school to be a sea captain.  He met the sister missionaries there about a year and half ago and was baptized- the first baptism that we witnessed when we entered our mission there over 18 months ago.  He became our next door neighbor and good friend, going to many district meetings and zone conferences with us.    I kept a mission blog in Odense- and have still continued the blog since we have been home-   wildmountainabroad.blogspot.com.  We have written many stories about JJ in this blog. 
We are now looking forward to helping his friends and family learn all about the church and their son's mission through this new blog Elder JJ Simonsen.

Since they are very good  at chronicling mission experiences I thought it would be interesting to check out this young man's new blog.  I found it to be interesting. I think you will too.

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