Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Moving Apartments

Dear Family,

This week we have been focusing on improving our patience, and we really have been being tried.  We just find it kind of funny all the things that happen.  For example Sister Acain left her scripture case at an investigators house, and it had the cellphone in it.  It would have been okay except it was Sunday and we needed to send Stats to the Elder Harris our district leader and we didn't have his number any where else besides the cellphone.  So we left the house at 10PM to go back to the house of Sister Lea and get the cellphone so we could send the stats.  When we looked at the cellphone there was already 2 missed calls and a text from Elder Harris asking for our stats.  haha whops...  We also got punted a lot this week but we will continue the work of the Lord.

We had a zone CSP (community service project) on Monday where we cut back weeds.  We were so sore the next day.  We are going back to Manduae Monday to continue.  Its a huge piece of land. 

We have newly called couple ward missionaries, and when they came with us to work the lesson was so much more successful because they related with our investigators.  Most of our investigators are married with children so its not easy for us to relate to them, but the couple missionaries could teach more effectively about being married and such.    

We went with sister Sheila Ong to the dentist to get her tooth pulled.  She really has been in pain and she was scared to go alone.  It only took 10 minutes.  One minute you have a tooth the next its gone.  But its better than the pain she was in. 

We are moving apartments because we are living in sin city.  They just bought chickens to cock fight which is illegal, and so much more.  We rather not be associated...  We move May 1st yey!    Speaking of May its soon mothers day and I will be calling.  I will only have two weeks left when I call weird!  My batch goes home in three weeks.  The mission is too fast!

I love you all,

Sister Bruno

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