Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Teaching Gospel Principles

Dear President Schmutz,

We have been having progress with our investigators this week.  We are excited for the temple tour we have a jeepney and are expecting many people to attend including all of our investigators.  

Sister Lea is progressing quickly, and she has a testimony of Joseph Smith.  We have taught Law of Chastity and plan to teach Word of Wisdom next lesson.  I can really see her willingness to learn.  We really want our investigators to be strong before their baptisms so that they dont fall away straight after their baptisms.  We will teach the lessons clear and simple and bodly so that they understand the covenant they are making.  

We actually taught brother Ong yesterday about keeping the sabbath day holy.  We were lead by the spirit, and we taught that he needed to take a step of faith into the darkness so he could receive blessings.  We promised that he would be able to support his family and he would have an increase in salary if he would follow the commandments of God.  We didn't back down, and I think he felt what we said was true.  He commited to come to General Conference this Sunday.  

We went to teach brother Jonclar but he asked to reschedule we will go back again tonight to teach him.  He seems to be taking things slowly, but he is willing to still listen so we will continue with hope for him.  He has many things that he would have to change, but he opened up that he is willing to change, and he is willing to give up his vices.  

Sister Acain is really growing in her understandings of the doctrines.  She is a born leader.  She has no home sickness or any doubts that our area will progress.  She is constantly a good example.  We work together, and listen to the others suggestions.  I find that we have been growing in our Christ like attributes this past transfer.  We have been focusing on Patience this week, and we have really been tested to see if we seriously want to progress in our patience this week.

Its all about the state of mind.  A postive mind can change the world.  

Thank You President Schmutz,

Sister Bruno

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