Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Strong Until the End

Dear Family,

I am enjoying my time on the mission and love my new area.  The branch is really supportive and we have an awesome branch presidency that takes action right away.  I love the area also.  We are still figuring out the area but it all comes with time.  We have many people to work with us and are enjoying doing missionary work.  I really love my companion Sister Olofernes. 

Today President told me I would be flying out on the night of Sunday the 20th.  Or the early hours of Monday around One AM.   So since it is one day behind there I will get home that same time I leave so I will get home on the 20th or 21st.  I haven't gotten the itinerary yet but I will let all you know when I get it.  I got the schedule from Gigi about driving but I am confused because the date is the 20th but the day is Wednesday the 22nd there.  Just let me know I guess. 

Things here seem to be full of trials but like I said before its a state of mind.  I love the work and will not be discouraged.  Strong until the end.  Working hard.  No regrets. 

I love you all

Sister Bruno

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marisza degreef said...

hey great blog that you when is your last day on your mission.i am coming out to that mission area in july