Friday, October 19, 2012

Learning Language at MTC

Hey Everybody. It's my first real pday. I finally got to go to the cupcake temple. haha. It was great!!!! Everything is going pretty well. I finished teaching my first fake "investigator" yesterday, and got to extend a baptism invitation. It was pretty awesome that she said yes, even if it was fake. It's been weird teaching with 2 elders. I'm finally starting to get used to things and actually like them, so I'm scared ill get my visa and have to leave. I'm in a district with 4 elders and 1 of the elders got his visa yesterday, so he's leaving on Tuesday.... So if I get mine I'll leave on a Tuesday. I guess that's what the thing is. Whenever you get your visa, you leave the next Tuesday. Oh and I get to call home whenever it comes through so keep your phones on because I can call any day.... It'll be pretty weird when he leaves because then when we teach our investigators it will be me and 3 elders teaching a lesson. The language learning is going good too. I'm so grateful for all of the Spanish that I know because it definitely helps A LOT!!! I love my teachers they are awesome!! Sister Ririe and Brother Villanova. Brother Villanova is actually from Brazil, which is a good thing because he loves to correct our pronunciation and make us say phrases and words over and over again, which the American teachers don't do so much. Something that I find weird about the MTC is how much your learning is up to you! They give you loads and loads of study time and not very specific things to study. So you have to pick things to study and be really self disciplined or else you end up talking for all of your study time. The food is pretty good, but I think it's making me fat... haha Annika was right. All you do during gym is play volleyball. You'll be happy to know that the Brunos are starting to become popular in the Mormon world because I've been stopped on many occasions because someone has known one of my sisters. I also love how much I feel the spirit. I love watching the MTC experience videos with all of the real life investigator stories and such. Did they do that when everyone else was at the MTC? Anyways Please write me letters and Dear Elders my mailbox number is 299 Ill send my real address in another email. But yeah still haven't gotten pants!!!!! Send them soon so that I don't get shipped off to Brazil without them. Halloween goodies would be nice too ;) Anyways...... I love you all!!!!!! I had a scripture to share but I forgot to bring them and I don't remember the reference but look forward to one next week. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! Desi

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