Friday, November 16, 2012

Elder Bradley D. Foster Tells MTC Missionaries to Give Heavenly Father Everything

Holy Cow Holy Cow Holy Cow!!!!!! Parabens para sua chamado de missao Franny!!!!!!! That is sooooo freaking exciting especially since I've become really close to two sisters that are serving in that exact mission!!!! I hope you serve with one of them! I wrote you a letter with all the advice they want me to give you so look out for it!!! Still can not believe it. Now my only hope is that Michael or Nikki goes Portuguese speaking :) This week has been a roller coaster to say the least. It started out pretty well. On Tuesday night we had a great devotional. Elder Bradley D. Foster came and talked for the devotional he talked a lot about the law of consecration and how we need to be willing to give the Lord everything that we have. He shared the story of Jared Carter in D&C 79 and how unique of a person he was and that because of his unique personality he converted John Tanner, who donated A LOT of money to the church and in sense saved the temple in Kirtland. He then showed a movie about John Tanner, I don't know what its called but its a really awesome movie about his life and about when after he was converted to the gospel he gave everything to the Lord, he sold all of his possessions (they were worth about 1 million dollars) and gave almost all of it to the church!!! He even lost a child on his way to Nauvoo, but he was willing to give everything to the Lord. If you havent seen the movie then find it and watch it!!!! I know that these 18 months I have to give everything to the Lord, I need to be working my hardest, I need to follow all of the rules of the mission, I need to be serving others even if I have to sacrifice my own personal comfort. The really awesome thing is that he promised us that if we give Heavenly Father our everything on our missions then our children would never suffer. How awesome of a promise is that?? I felt really pumped and excited after I heard that devotional, but as the week went on I started getting really frustrated. I don't feel like I'm progressing as much as I would like, especially in my teaching. Sometimes I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing and I have no clue how to teach or what to teach about, and it gets really discouraging. But yesterday I had a really good lesson about teaching with the spirit. We had a practice where I taught Sis. Lofgreen and Sis. Warburton (my old companions) about things they needed to hear in there life. We had to completely rely on the spirit, and I felt like the first half I went with the spirit and Sis. Lofgreen started crying because she really felt like it was what she needed to hear but halfway through I started freaking about because I was like uh what do I say now?? I started doubting myself. I tried to keep it together and finished the lesson but when we were doing feedback I just started crying because it was the same thing that I always feel when I'm teaching. It was annoying but at the same time it was a really good learning experience about how important it is to let the spirit do the teaching!!! If you have any advice on how to be a better teacher please let me know!!!!!! I tried fasting about it and it definitely helped but I still feel like I have a long way to go. My new companion's mom keeps updating her on her Visa situation I guess there's a website where you can put your name and birthday and they tell you the status of your visa... Maybe if you can try to find it for me.... and tell me what mine says that would be awesome. Hers is already authorized and ready to send so I have a feeling she'll get to go to the Brazil MTC soon.... I'm more than halfway done here. Muito LOCO!!!!!! only 4 weeks left. I made friends with the missionaries going to South Carolina last week and I felt really prompted to give them a list with people I knew on it. So maybe they'll find some of my friends there!!! I've also been seeing some people from the singles ward here too. I've seen Alyssa, and Will and Emily!!!!! We always have South Carolina get-togethers in the cafeteria with the elders going to South Carolina its fun. Anyways I hope everyone is doing good!!!! Write me this week!!!!! That means you too Michael and Nikki and Gen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eu amo voces com todo meu coracoe!!!!!!! Sister Desi Bruno

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