Friday, November 23, 2012

Shaking in the Presence of Sin

I can't believe all the news I've heard!!!! A lot has happened this week for me too. Tuesday's devotional was awesome, Elder Piper from the seventy spoke on agency and how even though Satan can tempt us to make bad choices, he has NO power over us. We make our own choices. It was cool because earlier that day I was reading in 2 Nephi about when Nephi feels horrible about his iniquities because he knows and is grateful for all of his blessings, but he still has allowed Satan to tempt him. He asks GOD to make it so that he shakes in the presence of sin. Reading that chapter and then hearing that talk was so powerful to me because I've def. felt how Nephi did, and I know that I have the power to say NO to satan!!! I too pray that I can be disgusted when around sin, or when Satan is trying to tempt me. The next day, Wednesday was a super emotional day. My new companion and a lot of the newer elders going to Brazil got their visas in the morning. I didn't want it to effect me, but I was a little bothered. I kept thinking WHY is my visa not here yet? Am I going to go stateside?!?! Anyways, after giving it some thought, I really got my hopes up that and convinced myself that I really wanted to go stateside for a transfer before Brazil. NYC or Boston would be awesome!!!! But then I ended up getting my Visa that same night, and I was actually really devastated. I just starting crying. I love everyone here in the Provo MTC. I feel like I've really grown close to the people in my district and zone. I spend everyday all day with them and I'm going to miss them so much. But I'm also really excited for the opportunity to go the Brazil MTC on Tuesday for 2 weeks. Definitely Bittersweet. I know these next few weeks are just going to FLY by, and before Christmas I'll be in the field teaching REAL investigators and be speaking only in Portuguese. Sooooo Stoked for that. Thanksgiving was really nice as well. It started out by going to a devotional where ELDER HOLLAND was the speaker. We got to meet his family which was really cool. He is such a powerful speaker. He made me realize how lucky we truly are to be living in this dispensation where we are destined to win!! So many people in this world have lived in previous dispensations with no hope for their people, knowing it would just end in apostasy. I'm so grateful to be living in this amazing time, where the gospel will just continue to grow and will never be taken off the earth again. I'm so grateful for Joseph Smith too because he has done so much for the human race, and for me personally!!! The rest of the day was pretty fun as well. We did a service project for the people of Mali, putting together hygiene kits. Watching videos about them, and hearing about the humanitarian aid branch of the church really made me want to be pro-active about serving. If you can ever spare an extra dollar I would suggest donating on your tithing slip to humanitarian aid, It definitely is used to HELP people around the world. We also got to watch 17 miracles and eat popcorn. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE. Never seen so many elders cry haha. Anyways I hope everyone's having a good holiday break. I'll be in BRAZIL by next week so Dear Elder me letters to the Brazil MTC, send me letters to the mission home. KEEP ME POSTED!!!! Love you all!!!!! Sister Deseret Bruno

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