Monday, January 21, 2013

Invitation to Be Baptized

Querida Familia!!!
Amo Vocês!!!!!! This week has been hard hard hard, but good good good. We had a wedding and baptism on saturday. Fabiola and Evanildo. I´m sooooo HAPPY for them. They´ve been taking the lessons since September, but never committed to baptism. But a couple weeks ago we explained that the wedding didnt have to be big just the signing of the papers and they could have a big wedding after they save money, and I invited them to be baptized for the 19th and they accepted, so I was super happy about it. They have such a cute family. Yesterday, when I asked them why they decided to be baptized they explained how welcomed and how much they liked the church, and how they felt a really good feeling (THE SPIRIT) at church. I realized how important it is to get people to come to church. Sunday Services are KEY, and this transfer its been hard for us to get our investigators to church. If you have any ideas please share. Portuguese is coming, slowly but surely. Patience is key. I´m understanding fairly well, but people have a hard time understanding my accent :( This week I learned how truly powerful prayer is this week I prayed and prayed and prayed to be able to understand better to be able to teach better to be able to know what people were saying and I truly feel like every single one of my prayers have been answered, and I found this awesome scripture in D&C 112:10, Be Thou Humble, and the lord thy god shall lead thee by the hand, and give thee answers to thy prayers!!!! It´s so true. I love studying the scriptures too. Right now I´m reading in Alma for personal study, everyday I learn how I can be a better missionary! And our mission has a goal to read the whole book of mormon by the end of the year in companionships, so I´m reading with my companion in portuguese. It´s really interesting to see the differences in languages, different words same meaning!!!!!! What is everyone learning in the scripture study??!?!? I want to know :) Transfers are tomorrow. Don´t know if my trainer will stay or leave. She´s really worried about it because she´s already been here for almost 6 months. I think she wants to leave, its been really hard for her to train me. I try to be an easy companion and help her, but I can tell it´s hard for her. Anyways everyone have a good week, and read the Book of Mormon this year. And share the gospel with your friends. Especially Michael and Franny. Sitting through the lessons now will help on your mission A TON!!!!!! Love you all write me i´m on for 30 more minutes!!!!!!
Sister Bruno

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