Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Personal Valentines Expressions

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I love each one of you So Much!

DAD--I love you because you taught me the gospel and because you don't live and work for yourself. You live and work for your family.

FRANNY--I love you because you're always trying to do the right thing and encouraging others to do the same.  You serve by example, and you're so funny.

MICHAEL--I love you because you have work hard and you have such a strong will and you're so smart.

NIKKI--I love you because you're so SWEET, and you have such a loving and loyal heart.

I love being a missionary because I get to teach about the gospel.

I love the gospel because it teaches that families can be forever, and I love my family.

Te Amo

PS--Every heart has a a scripture about Love, read them tonight during family scripture study.

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