Monday, March 11, 2013

Joy in Bringing in New Member

Yesterday was the baptism of Denise!!! It was amazing!!!!!! I´m so lucky to be serving here in the Morumbi Ward because the members here are phenomenal. I´ve never in my whole entire life seen a ward so active and involved in EVERYTHING. We had a great turnout the relief society room was packed, there weren't even enough seats for everyone and Denise was just SOOO happy, I´ve never seen anyone as happy as she was yesterday. Feeling the spirit I felt yesterday makes all the days walking in the hot sun, all the days walking in the pouring rain, all the não entende´s (I don´t understand´s) I have to say, all the não obrigado´s (no thank you´s) I hear ,more than worth it. I´m so happy for my recent converts, because I know and I feel that they already have REALLY strong testimonies and I´m not scared to leave them because I know that the ward will take good care of them. On Sunday Bruna, who got baptized last month, got up and bore her testimony about how she knew that the church was true and how happy she was that the missionaries found her. I felt the spirit so STRONGLY I couldnt help but of course CRY. haha.  I know that the Lord still has a lot of work for me to do here  in São Paulo and even though sometimes its hard I know that what I´m doing is right. Sometimes I feel completely and utterly lost, but I know without doubt that Heavenly Father has put a lot of trust in me and I don´t want to let him down. I want to continue working hard until not only the end of my mission, but the end of my life!!!! I invite all of you to try and fazer um contato, try to make a contact??? Not sure how to say it in English but when you meet someone and give them a pamphlet or say something about the gospel to them and invite them to church or invite them to know more about the gospel. Everyone try and let me know how it goes next week. TA BOM???? Love you all!!!!!!

Sister Bruno

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