Monday, March 4, 2013

Teaching with Power

Querida FAMILIA!!!!!

First week with a Brazilian companion.... Sister Teixeira. She is AWESOME!!!!! She teaches with such power and authority!!!!!! I know I´m going to learn A LOT from her!!!!! This week was really really good. Weird, but good. I wanted to be sad because I had to say bye to my trainer, but I wanted to be happy because my new companion is really cool!!! On Sunday is going to be the baptism of Denise, a 19 year old girl. Awesome how we found her. Her mom is a long time friend of the brother of the teacher of the gospel principles in the ward. She added irma Beatriz on Facebook because she was friends with her brother in high school. Irma Beatriz posts a lot of church related things on Facebook and Val (Denises mom) was really curious what all of it meant so she started chatting with her on Facebook. Irma Beatriz asked her if she could send some friends to visit her and explain more about the church. One week later Sister Waite and I showed up at their house, but no one was home except for Denise. She said that usually she doesn't let strangers in the house when shes home a lone but she felt prompted that she should let us in. And we´ve been teaching her and She´s been reading the Book of Mormon and she went to church yesterday and ate lunch with us in the house of a member and she loves the church and she felt the spirit really strongly one night when she was trying to sleep but she kept thinking about all the things that we talked about and she prayed to know the truth and she felt like it was true and after she slept like a baby. And Sunday she´s going to get baptized!!! She is incredible, she´s already talking about maybe serving a mission!!!!! I´m so happy for her. I know that Heavenly Father really prepared her for the gospel. We´re teaching her mom right now too. It´s been a little slower with her because it´s hard for her to grasp the concept that we have a prophet TODAY, but I know she can´t stop thinking about it. I know through the example of Denise she´ll see that this really is the Church of Jesus Christ!!!!! 

Don´t have a lot of time, but I love you all!!!!! ps franny and annika who is tiffany engaged to???? Travis or someone else????????? 



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