Wednesday, May 29, 2013

First Email from Czech Republic


I'm in the Czeck Republick. It is so beautiful!!!!!! I can't believe I am here! The assistants took us on a walk around prague. It is unreal. So many castles. Then we ate realllll Cesky food. So delicious!!!! Then we contanted and got someone's number named Aliska!!! She was so nice to us. She wanted to meet with us again too. Sister Steglich is staying in Prague so she gets to call her and hopefully she has success. I'm excited for her.

You will never guess where I am serving.

Bruno in Brno!!!!!!

So cool. My companion is sister woodworth. She was in the MTC with Desi. She is so nice. I love her already!!! Brno's namesti is so beautiful. There is a castle here that is so beautiful.

Sorry I didn't get to call in the airport. I didn't have time and I figured I should let my companion. There weren't enough phones for me. Don't worry I cried a lot that night because I was sad I didn't get to talk to you all but it's okay because I'm in the Czech REPUBLICKKKKK. And it's so great!

I hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you at Christmas!

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