Monday, June 3, 2013

Premortal Promise to Brazilians

Minha Familia Linda!!!!!!

I´m loving serving here in Vila Prudente. Living in São Paulo is surreal, its HUGE!!!!!!!! So much commotion.My companion Sister Lima is great, we frequently get asked if we are sisters!!!!  

My recent converts Debora and Carlos received the Holy Ghost yesterday, and I couldn't be happier for them. They both are so special and I know that the Lord will find many ways for them to serve. 

 This week was a good week, but a hard week as well. We taught a 40 year old women named Lucia who had gone to church last Sunday. It was interesting because even though she´s 40 years old she has a hard time understanding a lot of things so you have to teach her like you would teach a child, but she was really receptive and I felt like the spirit helped me SO MUCH while teaching her and when we invited her for baptism she accepted right away, but when we returned she told us that she could only get baptized in her mom´s church, Deus e Amor. But it was hard because she wants to get baptized because we put it in her head, but her Mom would only let her get baptized in her church, but shes 40 years old!!!!! It was discouraging to try to help her understand that only baptism with the priesthood authority will value in the eyes of god and sad to see that she didn't even want to understand. And as the week went on the same exact thing happened again. We invited for the baptism they accepted and got excited about it and the next day she didn't want to because her husband is Buddhist and said she couldn't. These situations are always hard because you don´t want to stop visiting them, but you have to be careful because their are more people that want to hear the gospel and are willing to go to church and progress and have situations that allow them too, but it still always leaves me sad to have to cut people from our group of teaching.

 This week my companion is going to another area because of a fight that another group of sisters had, so this week should be interesting without her, but I´m excited because we are going to start teaching the son of a recent convert who just moved here from Bolivia and only speaks a little bit of Portuguese, but he seems really awesome and I´m hoping that we can help him feel the spirit and accept to start a new life centered in Christ through baptism.  

I´m loving the mission and I´m having great spiritual experiences. It´s not always easy, but it´s definitely been worth it. I know that the Lord sent me here to Brazil with a very specific purpose. Perhaps before this life I made promises to some people here in Brazil that I would find them and help them understand the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they too could return and live with Heavenly Father and their families forever!!!!! I´m happy to be serving and to be meeting so many special sons and daughters of God. 


Sister Bruno

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