Monday, July 8, 2013

Keeping Missionaries in Our Prayers

What´s up y´all?

I´m just chilling... IN THE CZECH REPUBLICK. 

That is still weird to me. 

This week was pretty good. Our District leader challenged us to give out baptismal dates to everyone we were teaching and we did and... nothing. People have a really hard time with commitment. Sister Woodworth and I are having a really hard time getting people to meet with us taky. We don´t really know why some people show up to appointments and others don´t but believe you me, we are going to find out. 

We have one really cool investigator that is so interested in finding truth. I am grateful for him because we finally have a PROGRESSING INVESTIGATOR!!!! Wohooooooo!!! My first... besides Jana who just got baptized. I could not be more excited for him. Even though he hasn´t accepted our invitation for baptism, he is really thinking about it. He is truly looking for the truth. It´s hard to meet with him though because he works so much but he is the nicest, kindest man ever. His name is Radek and he is the best! 
Please keep the missionaries in your prayers this week so that we can find more people! And just baptize the world hahaha, but really.

We finally watched that broadcast everyone was talking about. It was way cool. We just got a new mission president so we don´t really know if anything is changing or not, but we will find out soon I guess if anything is. He is so cool. He speaks Czech and he has the cutest family! He came to our branch and talked yesterday and everyone there already loves him! He is going to be great.

I heard from Adam Walker... He gets home in 3 months. WEIRD! 

I can´t believe Michael is endowed... that is even WEIRDER. Is he ready to go on his mish yet? I keep meeting really cool french people, mostly from Africa and Belgium but still he is going to love it.

Has Gen already moved? 

What else is going on?

I love you allllllllll
s laskou 
Sestra Bruno

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