Monday, July 8, 2013

Sucess is Going from Failure to Failure Without Losing Enthusiasm

Dearest Family,

This week I learned that God is truly involved with the details. There happened to be many instances this week that bore testimony of this to me. He answers prayers and helps us when we need him the most. 

This week was bittersweet because an investigator who we have been teaching for 4 weeks now said he got an answer that the Catholic Church is true. HOW??!?!? I don´t know. It makes me sad because I think he´s just scared to give up the foolish traditions of his fathers. I know the Spirit doesn't give different answers to different people. It made me really sad, but I know Heavenly Father won´t give up on him!!!! 

This week we started teaching a lot of great people and we had 3 investigators at church. It was a very spiritual fast and testimony meeting. All 3 of our investigators said they felt very touched and felt something different. We are hoping to work hard with all 3 this week to help them understand the importance of baptism. 

Today in the weekly letter to the mission the president encouraged all of us to tell our families and friends that we will commit to live all the rules of the mission and be exactly obedient in all that we do to see for the least 2 baptisms every month. So I thought I would tell you all that I am committed to live every rule and commandment so that every month I can see at least 2 baptisms. Continue praying for me and for the people in the world who still don´t have the gospel in their lives. Pray for the people who are ready to receive the missionaries that we can find them!!! Pray for the people who already know the missionaries that they can find answers to their prayers!!!!! 

This week I will be out for 9 months. Time flies when you lose yourself in the work. This week I want to invite all of you to pray for people that you can share the gospel with. If you pray for an opportunity I know Heavenly Father will put faces in your mind of the people you should share it with. 



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