Monday, July 22, 2013

Spirit Helps in Overcoming Trials

Hey fam.

We had a great week this week. We saw another baptism this past week in our branch. The Elders are really killing it finding people, they have another baptism this week too. WAY AWESOME.
I played the piano for it and I was TERRIBLE, but it's okay, I'm over it. One of the members who just got back from his mission said that we were really lucky because we learn humility in this mission. It's definitely true. I have truly been humbled. I have never felt so spiritually uplifted and stupid all at the same time. hahaha

I have really been working on my faith this week. With God, with myself and with the people. Sometimes faith in your investigators is the hardest thing because you don't have control over them and you have to just hope that they feel the spirit and will come again! It's really hard to have complete trust in God but when you do, you see miracles.

We had the most amazing lesson on faith and repentance with one of our investigators Radek. His family is Catholic, his wife and his son, but he has so many questions. Things don't make sense to him and when we told him we were going to try to help him with his questions he was really interested. We had one of the members of the branch presidency who has a similar story, his wife and children were Catholic and he was too, hardcore, but when he started meeting with the missionaries and getting answers to his questions he knew this was the true church. It was an amazing lesson. I wish I could have tape recorded it so I could watch it over and over again... Even though almost everything I said in Czech was wrong and they had to correct me, the spirit was strong. I know that even if we had recorded it, it wouldn't be the same. The spirit really makes all the difference. I hope you all will strive to feel the spirit sometime this week. It will really help with any trials you have been going through.

Gen---Good luck with the baby this week! I'll be praying.
Michael--- study up on PMG. You'll be glad you did

Everyone else--- I love you all!

Have a good week

s laskou 
Sestra Bruno


April McMurtrey said...

I, too, have been working on developing the faith to find! I am not currently a full-time missionary but I love the work, have desires to serve God, and therefore feel I have been called to the work! :) I have also posted similar content on my member missionary blog, and feel to thank you for your sincere post! Thank you so much for all you are doing!!!

Laura Behle said...

I think that you would love this video my husband just put out about Children's views on being a Missionary. Check it out at:

Believe me, it's ADORABLE!