Saturday, August 3, 2013

Opening A New Area is Scary

BTW Since I am in Prague now, my P-Day is now on Saturday!
Prague is amazing. It is so beautiful and gigantic! Seriously it is so humongous. I'm SCARED! hahaha but it's okay, the Lord is on my side!
Opening an area is tough. We have nothing. No formers, potentials, RCLAs. NOTHING We have been kontakting like crazy. I am talking 6 hours of it every day. But we love it. We actually have our first investigator already! He is sooooo awesome. He has the cutest 3 year old son. We have only taught bench lessons so far, but they have been so good! I said the closing prayer in Czech and I prayed to help us be happy and he loved it. Right after we said amen he thanked me for the prayer. It was a really cool experience. Sister Bateman is the best. She keeps me going even though there are so many time that I just want to sit down and be done! She is so positive and hard working! I'm excited to see what we can make our area in it's first transfer!
s laskou
Sestra Bruno

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