Saturday, September 14, 2013

Another Wonderful Week in Prague

Another wonderful week in Praha. It is started to get cold and the leaves are starting to change. It is beautiful. I need to send pictures but my card reader broke and I don't know how/where to get a new one :(.

This week was better because it dawned on me... DUH I'm suppose to be happy. I have to believe the Plan of Happiness before I can get any one else to. So after an exchange with the Assistants (yes we have to do that because my companion is the sister training leader) I realized that I can make things happen. They told us to go into a day thinking, I will NOT go inside my apartment until I get an appointment scheduled. AND I WON'T. My companion thinks I'm trying to kill her, but this is going to happen this week. Basically I have been asking everyone for their number. Begging almost I feel like... and they give us there e-mails hahaha sigh... but it's great. ha.

It's been a week full of finding RCLAs. Mostly on accident. We went on an exchange with the sisters in Hradec Kralove and found a man smoking that said he had been baptized 10 years ago. We got his number so those sisters could meet with him. Then we found a women from Mexico that is an inactive member that moved to the Czech Republic to live with her boyfriend... they just had a baby, but she said she would come to church this Sunday. We have some work to do. It's gonna be funnnn

Still no real investigators because school just started or our investigators LEFT THE COUNTRY. But this week is going to be awesome. I can just feel it. 

I feel like everything is changing! MICHAEL IS SOON TO BE ELDER BRUNO! AHHH. That is so weird. I'm so proud. He is going to love Europe! And I found out his mission is the most expensive mission in the world, so he better remember he is worth it! 
Annika is basically engaged... what the... weird but way cool! 

Well I love you all! Tell me about your lives because I want to know more and keep the pictures coming because I love them!

s laskou
cau cau cau (we say Cioa here too!)
Sestra Bruno

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