Saturday, September 21, 2013


So I had a really awkward/hilarious contact this week. We contacted this man from Slovakia yesterday and he asked us what religion we were. We told him we were mormons and he was like... Catholics? We were like, no Mormons and he looked really confused and he goes... evangelists? We said NO we are Mormons, like the Book of Mormon, we are Christian and then we started bearing testimony about God and Jesus. Then he stops us and asked if we believed in Panna Maria (who is the virgin Mary) and we tried to explain that she is important but we don't believe she is a saint and we don't worship her so I said yes but we don't believe she is a Pana (which means a girl lord) the man was really confused but he was interested so we set up a meeting with him for today. Anyway I was telling the Elders and they started laughing really hard. I was really confused and asked why they were laughing and me and they told me it was because I told the man that Mary wasn't a virgin!!!! The word virgin in Czech is Panna and the word for a girl Lord is Pana. I AM SO EMBARRASSED! But we are meeting with the guy today at 4 and hopefully it all works out, we might be explaining more out of the Bible than anything else but we will see. He is a pretty funny guy...
 This week was another wonderful week full of... CONTACTING YAYAYAYAY! haha it is actually starting to get fun instead of scary. Now when we go contacting we go into thinking we have no idea what this person is going to be like so lets just go. It's like a game... is this person going to be nice, funny, weird, happy, sad, rude, confused, PREPARED? We don't know but let's contact them and find out! 

AND in other very important Namesti Miru news, our investigator Karel is coming to church!!! He is so cool. It was funny because he is nervous what to wear! We explained that he should wear a nice shirt and dress pants, but in my head I was thinking, you can wear sweatpants for all I care JUST COME TO CHURCH!!! He still doesn't know if "our path is his path" but every meeting he gets closer and closer to God. It is amazing. I keep praying for him to get his answer and keep trying to have enough faith to know that he will receive an answer he just has to act!

I CAN'T BELIEVE MICHAEL IS IN THE MTC... or at least I hope he is... Nobody has told me otherwise so I am going to assume he is. 

Anyway love you all. Hope everyone is well!
s laskou
Sestra Bruno

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