Monday, September 23, 2013

The Harder You Work the Less Tired You Are

Bonjour mes Amis et ma Famille.

Today's my first P-day and I get write you this awesome letter while doing the laundry. This week has been Pretty awesome. I started out in a beginners French class and our teacher didn't show up. it was pretty crazy because i had absolutely no idea what was happening. I did meet the most awesome people in the world though. My companion, Elder Baldwin, is a good ole southern boy just like me. He's from Marrietta, GA and I'm pretty sure we're the only people in the MTC from the south.

My roommates include the companionship of Elder Fults From Fort Worth, TX and Elder Oviatt from Edminburg Canada. Elder Oviatt is hilarious, but the funniest thing about him and Elder Fults is that Fults means farts in German and I don't think i've ever heard someone fart as much as Elder Oviatt! the other companions I room with are Elder Ghirelli from Brazil and Elder Pederson from Denmark. Elder Ghirelli is really awesome because he doesn't know a ton of English and it's hard for him to go from Brazilian to English to French, but he tries really hard. Elder Pederson is really funny though, he didn't know the N-word was bad, so he started throwing it around and everyone freaked out. My district is them plus Sister Hafen from Michigan and Sister Grunke (Smiley Face U though) from Germany.

My Branch President two days after I got into the MTC, but President Zimbleman was there long enough to make me District Leader (which I thought would be all fun and no work, but I was wrong). Since the First Day my district has been made the Intermediate French class and everyone in it is amazing at French, well, except for me. I'm so horrible it's almost unbelievable they put me in the intermediate class, but I know with some prayer and hard work I'll be able to do it! My Branch President is now President Merrill, and if that sounds familiar then I will say YES, he is the Brother Merrill whose been teaching The Book of Mormon class at BYU for 25 years. The guy is pretty awesome and I'm learning a ton about the Book of Mormon. Right now we only have a teacher for one out of two classroom instruction times (and classroom instruction time is like 3 and a half hours), so we have a lot of free time and most of it we goof off. We've been getting better, and I'm trying as district leader to make sure we're studying during classroom and study times, but we don't get another teacher until Thursday and it's tough to pay attention for that long for all of us. The teacher we do have is named Sister (or Soeur in French) Judas and she's awesome.

So far the toughest thing about this whole experience is that one of the Elders we room with has to take medicine an hour before he eats so we've decided we'll all wake up with him. The only problem is that we have the earliest breakfast time. essentially we go to bed between 10:30-10:45 and wake up at 5:30. I'm insanely tired, but I've started saying "the Harder you work the less tired you are". Elder Oviatt asked me if that was true this morning after i said it. HAHA, I told him, "I don't know, but if I stop working then I'm going to fall asleep".

Memorable events include The Devotional we had by Elder Merrill Bateman of the quorum of the 70. Me memorizing the entire first vision in French (that's right, I'm Awesome!) and a pretty awesome trip to the Temple. Everyone make sure to send me emails so i can put them in my group letters, I need Gigi's, Flora's, Annika's, Ryan Hayes, Doctor Hassell, Gen's (because I Don't think the email I put is right), Nikki's, and other peoples! JUST SEND ME EMAIL ADDRESSES!

Also make sure to log on to Dear Elder and send me a letter! Everyone is getting one and I want one! I promise that if you send me a letter I'll send you one back. I'll be online for the next like 20 minutes, so Email me if you're on :)! P.S. I always heard that most of the girls in the MTC were ugly and there we're a couple of cute ones. let's just say that that is definitely not true anymore! The work is more important than girls though! haha, Au Revoir.

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