Monday, October 28, 2013

``The wise in heart shall be called prudent: and the sweetness of the lips increaseth learning.`` Proverbs 16:21 Goodbye to Vila Prudente

Today is my last day in Vila Prudente. Translation- Vila Prudent. The name of this area describes my time here pretty adequately. I feel like I have learned SO MUCH in these last 6 months here in Vila Prudente. I´m so grateful to the Lord for the opportunity that I have had to be here. It will forever hold a very special place for me in my heart. I have learned soooo much from the members on how to truly serve the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength. I have learned from my investigators and recent converts how to have more faith. I have been given so much wisdom of the scriptures and the plan that Heavenly Father has for me through the hours that I have studied here. Heavenly Father has given me the experiences that I have had here to truly help me be more Prudent. I will forever be grateful for the time that I have spent here. I know that I was spent here for very specific reasons. To find the people that I have taught and helped enter into a covenant with Heavenly Father. Every single one of them where prepared by Heavenly Father, and I feel strongly that it was my purpose here on earth to find them.

Its wierd. I feel like I´m leaving home again. I feel like I´m leaving my family all over again. Words will never describe the amount of love that I feel for this area. It will forever hold a piece of my heart. 

Next Stop, Vila Esperança which is translation for Vila Hope... I guess Heavenly Father wants me to learn how to have more hope. Haha... 

``Wisdom is The ability or gift from God to judge correctly. A person gains wisdom through experience and study and by following God’s counsel. Without God’s help, man does not have true wisdom (2 Ne. 9:2827:26).`` (LDS.ORG)

Love you all!!!!!! 


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