Monday, October 28, 2013

Till We Meet Again

Sorry everybody, this week is going to be a short email! I leave for the airport in about two hours and so I just thought I send everybody just an itty bitty email for this week. When you spend every waking hour with five other Elders and two Sisters you start developing really strong bonds of friendship. Today Elder Pedersen, Elder Ghirelli, and Sœur Grünke left. I woke up early to say goodbye to the Elders. Before Elder Ghirelli left I gave him a hug and I told him, "even if we don't see each other again, we're always going to remember you. The Lord needs you now, Do work". It's strange to think that there are people that you can come so close to in your life, who you feel like have helped you so much and been such an impact, and then you never see them again. We talk about visiting each other, but it's unlikely that we ever will. We say goodbye, we serve our two years, and then we go back to our respective countries. And yet, I don't think I'll ever forget those three people. We talk about the missionary purpose of bringing others closer to Christ and we always think in the term of investigators. Last night at the departure devotional they asked a couple converts to stand and shout out their missionaries. I thought a lot about how each person was brought to Christ from these two people. I love these three missionaries from the bottom of my heart and through the progress that they've helped me with towards coming closer to Christ I know that Elder Roberto Ghirelli, Elder Mark Pedersen, and Sœur Vanessa Grünke will always be part of a very exclusive group of missionaries in my heart. They will always be my missionaries (However cheesy that may sound ). Have a great week everybody, treasure the time you have with others because it goes fast!
Elder Michael Beneamato Bruno

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