Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Week

A lot happened this week!!!!

Tuesday we had our mission Christmas conference. It was great to see all of my missionary friends that I have made over this last year. It also made me really reflect on my own testimony of Jesus Christ. I KNOW that he was born to save US!!!!

We worked well the rest of the week. 

We had a REALLY AWESOME experience this week!!! We were headed to an appointment at an investigators house that we had never been to before. I looked on the map and memorized the route, but as we were heading there I decided to turn on a street that wasn´t on the route. I didn´t know know what the street was but I was just like let´s turn here. As we were walking down the street we saw two men standing outside of a house. Two men that we had Never seen before in our lives. When of them shouted ``OI SISTERES`` We were like ummmm hiiii???? And he started going off about how we were sent from God.... We were like are you a member? And he just kept going off about miracles.... Turns out that he is a member that lives in a different city that was just visiting his friend for the day. A friend who isn't a member. His friend is going through a rough time and earlier in the day he told him that he should let the missionaries come by and talk to And we just happened to show up when the member was leaving. We really were sent by GOD!!!!! I´m super stoked to start teaching José.. .He seems really sincere and actually interested. Thanks to the awesome missionary work that his friend did. I know that when we are worthy we will be led by the promptings of the Holy Ghost!!!!!! 

This week we PRAYED so much to be able to find new investigators, and we actually found a lot of new people to teach. Most of which are not married, but living together. Hoping that the New Year brings a lot of weddings and happy newlyweds... Maybe Annika's wedding will start the trend :) 

Excited to talk to everyone on Christmas... We get an hour and a half to talk... What time should I get on?!?!?!?!?! 



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