Monday, December 23, 2013

All Is Well but Crazy

The sum total of this week is described very simply as a lot of rejection knocking on doors and talking to people, but a TON of success with all the Ami's (investigators) that we already had!
So this week we started using a method called Christmas contacting, which is essentially just bringing up the concept of Christmas with talking to people on the street and when knocking on doors ask to sing a Christmas song and pray with them. The entire week we got into one house to sing (and me and my companion were so awful she stopped us in the middle and told us that she didn't really have time right then :/).BUT we did see a lot of miracles this week. We haven't been able to teach Ian (our miracle investigator) all the commandments and his baptism is this Saturday. We told him that in order to get them all we would probably have to meet at his house and have a couple  more lessons or postpone the baptism. He got pretty defensive at first, but we just explained how it works and he said he would talk to his wife about it. His wife came to church with his daughter on Sunday and we're visiting him tonight! Teaching him the law of  tithing is going to be scary, but he's so awesome I know that he can handle it! I'll let everyone know how his baptism goes next week! Other than that we have two awesome Amis who live with a family from Africa. They're married and they have two kids and they are just absolutely incredible. The husband accepts everything we teach (which is surprising because he knows a ton about the bible and all these different religions) and they can to the Christmas party we had (which was just a ten minute video and a lot of eating-Typical Frenches) AND they came to church. They're so awesome they invited us over for Christmas (I LOVE THEM A LOT!) We're giving them a baptismal invite this Thursday, so say some prayers for me (I'm extending it and i'm still pretty scared about stuff like that). Anyways, that's really all that happened this week that was exciting, and as my mission progresses I'm starting to realize that it's pretty hard to remember bad times when so many good things happen in life! Have an awesome Christmas everybody and don't forget that the season is about Jesus!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good morning (since I'm at least six hours ahead of most of you)!
Elder Michael Beneamato Bruno

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