Monday, December 16, 2013

Crazy Busy

Hey Everybody,

This week was awesome but I don't have a ton of time so I'm going to have to take the lame route and go highlights again.
So, this week we had a lesson almost every day. It was awesome because my goal was to teach at least one lesson everyday, so it was cool that I got really close to accomplishing that, but we fell short on saturday. It's awesome though, because we have 5 progressing investigators right now, and we have a ton of people we can teach. As an experienced 6 week old bleu (in France we're bleu and not green) I've come to realize that problems arise in every stage of missionary work. Right now our problem is scheduling conflicts. I'm feel like everyone in the world is just REALLY REALLY busy. It's not anything we can't work around, but it gets pretty challenging sometimes. I have to be honest though, I'm just glad we have people to teach. This week. since my companion left on Monday(too long of a story to explain) and I went into a threesome I had to lead 3 lessons, and for one of those lessons we had planned on giving a baptismal date. I'm happy to report that my first baptismal invite was successful!!!!!! I asked one of the coolest people in the world to be baptized on the 28th of December and he accepted! We've just seen so many miracles here in the now 7 weeks i've been here I just can't believe how awesome the Lord has been to me! I can't lie when i say that giving that invite and having him accept was one of the most amazing experiences of my whole life. Now we just have to get to teaching him (we still have a lot of material to go over). Honestly, I don't have time to talk about all the miracles that we've been blessed with this week, I can just say that we're teaching 3 families, we have tons of investigators who are all super solid, and the work here is moving. I might have believed that missionary work didn't happen in France a couple weeks ago, and when I got here I know that I needed to be humbled just a little bit (Which i was) ;), but now the Lord is moving the work and I get to be part of it. For my spiritual thought this week I just have the very simple fact that MISSIONARY WORK IS FLIPPING AWESOME! Do it, and you'll see. Have an awesome week everybody.
Elder Michael Beneamato Bruno

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