Monday, December 16, 2013

Doubt Your Doubts Before You Doubt Your Testimony

This week was an INTERESTING week.

We met some interesting people with a lot of interesting stories. 

Yesterday we had an interesting experience. We had the baptism of Sol. Weirdest baptism I have ever seen in my life. Sol is 29 years old. She is a friend of a recent convert Raquel. She lives with Raquel and her family. We have been working with her on and off for about 10 weeks, and she finally made the decision to be baptized. We were SOO happy for her, and knew how happy Heavenly Father was for this decision too. So the baptism was going perfectly... Opening Song, Prayer, Talk on Baptism... The hour of the ordinance came, and she was officially baptized after the first time. And then.... the minute she came out of the water clean from all sins... what happened?!?!? SHE HAD AN ASTHMA ATTACK!!!! Before she even had time to get out of the baptismal font she passed out, and 2 priesthood holders had to jump into the font and help get her out. I literally thought she was going to Die. Luckily the Relief Society President is a nurse and helped get her awake again. We found out that she also has some kind of cancer, that makes her muscles unable to react. So after she passed out she couldn´t even move for about 30 minutes. And even afterwards they had to carry her to a chair in the bathroom. And we helped dress her. The priesthood leaders gave her a blessing and we finished the baptismal service and brought her home to rest because she really really did not want to go to the hospital. As of last night she still hadn´t regained full control of her legs.


I almost wanted to doubt!!! ``Why is this happening right now of all moments?`` I thought to myself. I remembered all of the blessings I had promised her if she would take this BIG STEP of faith. This did not seem like a blessing... But almost immediately I thought to myself, `NO!!! This is happening for a REASON! I know it!!!!`` I have no clue what reason this might be, but I trust that Heavenly Father knows all things. I know that Sol will receive all promised blessings because of the faith that she showed to follow Jesus Christ´s example and make this essential covenant with Heavenly Father. 

I know that that everything will work out how it´s supposed to with Sol. This experience was a great testimony builder for me, the members and maybe even Sol. It was extraordinary how fast and willing the members were to help. I know that there is POWER in the priesthood. I know that Heavenly Father keeps his promises, and I know that when we serve as Jesus would we come to know great joy in our lives.

We visited her last night, and she seems pretty calm about everything. She said she feels more peace in her life. I hope that this can really help her build her testimony and not leave room for satan to work. 

I guess the point of the story is what President Uchtdorf says ``Doubt your doubts before you doubt your testimony``

I´m excited for Christmas. I feel like I´m learning so much this year of the true divinity of Jesus Christ. Tomorrow is our Mission Christmas Conference. I´m SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!  

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