Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey fam!
This week was really good. We had interviews with President. It really helped. So much. My mission president is really THE BEST person ever. I told him how I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and I don't understand anything and he told me about when he served in Plzen and it was the same time of year as when I am here. He said that he was trained by someone who had only been on their mission for 4 months and they had no idea what they were doing either and they still found people who are still members today. It's amazing. They are super strong members too. He said that we would find the people who would be willing to meet with us no matter what. No matter how much Czech we spoke, no matter how good our people skills were, no matter what. I can tell that's true. It's so amazing how the Lord works and I can really feel his hand in the work that we are doing as missionaries. It has to be him because there is no way that people would listen to my Czech if the Holy Ghost wasn't working with them.

For Christmas I don't think we are going to have time to e-mail next monday because we will be in Prague so I will just tell you what the plans are I guess. I'm still confused what we do... but we can only call after 6 and my companion is going to call her family at 7 so I am going to call at 8 pm here. I think that will be 2 pm on the east coast and 12 pm MST???? I'm not sure. Also I guess you are suppose to call me so our number is 420.775.474.340 at 8 pm our time. We have 45 minutes to talk. So 8 p.m. my time on Christmas Day (the 25th)
Christmas Eve is the really big Holiday here in the CR and so a lot of member are going out of town and things like that but it should still be a pretty good Christmas. On the 24th a member from Prague is going to come down and visit us and I'm so excited! She is the best. I am really excited for my first (and probably only) Czech Christmas.
If anyone is on right now and has questions let me know because I don't know exactly how this is suppose to work... Or if I should change the time??? I don't know

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