Monday, January 6, 2014

Dilligence, persistence, patience

I can not spell anymore. I don't know how. hah

This week was really interesting. We set up an appointment with a kid last Saturday, but with much persistence, we still weren't able to get his phone number. He was really skeptical of us because I guess he is a Seventh Day Adventist, but not baptized into that church yet because he still has questions. I tried SO HARD, I just kept saying come and try! come and try! but still no phone number and the only day he had time was for the next week on Thursday (because of the holidays) For those of you that have served missions you know what that usually means... they aren't coming. BUT when Thursday came around and we went to the church building (we were even a couple minutes late because the tram was late that day) AND HE WAS SITTING THERE WITH THE ELDERS. It was a miracle. So we started giving him a building tour and we asked if he wanted to go into another room but he didn't so we sat in the sacrament meeting room which is also where the front door of the church is (it's really a complicated set-up) and started teaching him. He had such good questions... How can there be one true church, what do we have to do to return to Heaven... seriously he was SO COOL. But then we gave him a Book of Mormon and started talking about it... he didn't like it at all. He said that the Bible was all he needed. My heart broke a little bit. At the end of a really really really (way to long) lesson and me persistently telling him that he will never know if he doesn't try. TRY IT. (I even started speaking in English telling him he had to try) he finally took the Book of Mormon and said he didn't know if he would try it and it probably wouldn't have as much of an effect on his life as it did on ours, but he thanked us for giving him things to think about. AND WOULDN'T SET UP WITH US AGAIN!!!

I was so disappointed. After the lesson I just stood for a second and thought WHY HEAVENLY FATHER??? Why couldn't this young 18 year old boy who we desperately need and want to be a member of the church feel what I feel every time I even talk about the Book of Mormon? Then I remembered what our mission president's wife told us in our last training. She said "You cannot manufacture the elect" Either people are prepared and ready to hear the gospel, or they aren't. Either they are going to read the Book of Mormon or they aren't. Either they are Elect or they aren't. And until we find the people that are truly ready, then we have to keep looking and be patient. I have faith that God has people out there that are soooo ready to hear the gospel. I can tell from the e-mails I get from Michael and Desi. Now it's just my job to find them. This week we are going crazy and we are going to find and we are going to be persistent because I believe that if we hadn't have basically begged this guy to come and at least meet with us, he wouldn't have the Book of Mormon right now and he wouldn't be that much closer to finding the truth! It's gonna be a good week. We are pumped for a great week and a great New Year! I hope that everyone else will have a wonderful week and see the miracles that God has in store for them.  

s laskou
Sestra Bruno   

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