Monday, January 6, 2014

Une Petite repose

I'm pretty sure this was the laziest week that I've had (or will have) on my mission.

Essentially the first four days consisted of 
Pretty unsuccessful work until 5 and then dinner with our DMB (Branch mission leader)
A complete day off where we played ping pong
Traveling to Paris to do all my legality paperwork.
After that we had exchanges with the District leader and I went into the other equipe(companionships) portion of Le Havre. It's pretty funny because Mitt Romney served in the first Le Havre equipe forever ago, and so technically I served in the same area as Mitt Romney (even if it was only for a day). The only other time we had was Sunday, which every week is mostly taken by church and companionship study (every bleu(green) missionary in the world is on a 12 week program with 2 hours of companionship study every day). It was pretty amazing though,

I confirmed my epic ami named Yann (Ian in english, French people spell everything different) which was amazing, then we taught a lesson at 6:00 and decided to go knocking on doors, and so we knocked, and knocked, and knocked some door, and when it finally came to 9:00 where we have to either get a lesson or go home, we found someone. He's pretty legit (I've heard a lot of people say elect, but in this one respect I think I'm going to keep the word from my previous life). His name is Cedric and he's had some pretty bad things happen to him, but he's willing to try, and honestly any French person who's willing to try is legit in my book. I know there's a million missionary stories about perseverance but I decided to give you all just one more to put in your book.

Sorry about the jumbled mess this email is, i'm pretty tired and my thoughts get all jumbled together when i'm tired!!!!! All is good in France though, My quick spiritual thought this week is simply love everyone, even when you honestly feel like hating the world, love the heck out of everyone you meet and good things happen. It sounds simple and short, because it is! Have an awesome week (and year) everyone.
I love the heck out of all of you,
Elder Michael Beneamato Bruno

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