Monday, March 3, 2014

Consecrated Missionary

Hello my little family fam, It was a crazy dazy week here in Plzen. We had zone training on Tuesday and it was intense. It was all about being a consecrated missionary. Our mission president talked a lot about opening our mouths. It was a really good reminder for me that there are prepared people here in the Czech Republic but I won't find any of them unless I talk to EVERYONE! Also it was re-emphasized that we should ask for referrals more from the people we teach and people on the street then members. A lot of the members here have been telling the missionaries for the last 10 years that they don't have anyone for them to teach and so we are really focusing on asking everyone. It was really funny because President told us at the training that the people on the street that refuse our message a lot of times are hay and we need to start asking them if they know where any needles are. He said that we should ask people specifically for who we are looking for. We have gone crazy this week, and it's really made a huge difference. WE MET WITH SIMONA AGAIN! And her 3 adorable 10 year-old. They are the cutest ever! We are so excited to teach their family. They are the best. We have another lesson tonight are we are PUMPED. WE"RE TEACHING A FAMILY!!!! It is sooooo cool. We also met with Carolina this week, that way cool girl from Portugal. It was an amazing lesson. She has the most sincere desire to know who God is. And she came to church!!!! Despite the fact that the only Czech she knows is Dobry Den. She is truly prepared. And I knew that when I contacted her she looked really familiar and just reminded me of someone and that's why I talked to her and this week I figured it out... SHE IS THE EXACT MIRROR IMAGE OF SAMANTHA MOORING. It is really insane. And they have similar personalities. I am so glad that I stopped her because I came so close to letting her walk by, but at the last second I stopped her. We asked her what she wanted out of meeting with us and she said she didn't know exactly but she wasn't expecting me to stop her and when I did, she decided that maybe I could help her find out more about God... I almost started crying... she is wonderful. I can't believe I get to teach someone as cool as her. It has been a really great week. I'm so glad that the Lord has put me in Plzen at this time and that we are seeing true miracles at every turn. I know that as I start to focus every energy every thing that I have to doing the Lord's work that he is going to bless me and my area and my companion and everything SO MUCH. It's a great time to be a missionary. GET STOKED. Love you all, s laskou Sestra Bruno

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