Monday, March 3, 2014

Just Another Day in the Life of A Missionary

I cannot lie, sometimes I feel like missionaries are all just part of one giant wheel. We might be on different places, but everyone puts the same amount of effort and somehow in the end the work just keeps on rolling. This week just felt like one of those weeks where the wheel just kept on turning. Anyways, This week we did pretty good, we taught 4 lessons with members (which is really good). They were pretty good except for the fact that they were with an 80 year old man who always seems super tired and sick and a 30 year old man who defines himself as a Lutheran Adventist who was baptized by immersion in an evangelical church and believes that the Book Of Mormon is the word of prophets, but not the word of God. BUT, they were still pretty good lessons even if they were hard, AND Jackie (the 80 year old) came to church. I've decided that I'm going to look at all the positives in life (since doing otherwise would make me go crazy) and looking at this weeks positives makes me feel pretty good about the future. This week was transfers, I'm staying with the same companion. Yeah... Nothing really changed, I just thought I should put this in here. Oh yeah, we got invited to a political rally by a member, she didn't tell us it had anything to do with politics before hand and we had to have a very awkward conversation explaining that missionaries cannot be involved in anything political and that the best place to invite us is to family home evenings or other family related activities with their friends/neighbors. That's just about the highlight of crazy things that happened though. OTHER THAN THAT/SPIRITUAL THOUGHT- Find time. Everyone is busy in this world, if you feel busy or stressed out and you can't change anything and there's something that you can do for God, FIND TIME. Everyone is busy, everyone has lives. Sometimes in life we have to just find time to do things. Missionaries need your time, The work is hastening, and we need every single person we can to chip in and help the wheel to roll. No matter who you are, where you are, what you're doing, find some time and (to quote a very well known missionary who said this 5 seconds ago) GET STOKED. Do some missionary work, period. Love you guys, Elder Bruno

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