Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Letters from Missionaries--Italy Rome

This week was crazyness for example, yesterday we didn't have any appointments so we decided to do house in the middle of downtown. So you climb this giant hill and pass the university which is built into the inside of this giant castle, then you have to pass around the ruins that all of the 7 story buildings where people live are built around. Then there are random 15th century churches scatter throughout it all and if you look off the hills you can see the ocean. It is ridiculously beautiful and I love it here, but it is crazy. So there is this randomman on the top of the hill who looked harmless enough (he probably had 80 years). So then he starts propositioning my companion lol sooo funny. So she gives him a Joseph Smith pamphlet and we move on. So some of the houses are built into the castle walls and are partly underground. So we knock on this woman's door and it is pretty much all dark because we are under a tunnel which has a drawbridge with giant statues of elephants on the top. This lady comes out and then she tells us she is a healing doctor and she is going to see a 95 year old man to tell him if his knee can be saved. She tells us to walk with her. So we walk down these winding cobblestone streets where the houses are so close together you can stand in the middle and practically touch the walls on both sidesof the street. (keep in mind that houses are like at least 6 story buildings where doors and stairs are randomly inserted for people to live behind, there is no order or floor plan) We are teaching her the first lesson the whole way. We get to this piazza where a couple of streets intersect to meet a giant Catholic church built in 1532 where the Sardegnian governement used to meet, she wants a book of mormon, tells us she will read it and call us and tells us bye. Then we turn the corner and there is this 80 year old woman who is trying to get her cat to come off a wall but he wont. She asks us not if we are from Cagliary but instead if we are from the Castle lol. She starts to tell us about how the Catholic church is corrupt and random other things she just doesn't like but she is only talking half in Italian and the other half in Sardegian dialect which neither of us really can get the hang of because it is craaazyness. Then she tells us she has to go and chases her cat down the street. So we continue to do house aka ring chetoofs with 15 apartments on them and right after I finish one, a random woman who was probably pusing 100 comes up to us and tells us that she just got back from the Campagnia or the country. She has a flowered scarf on her head and white hair growing out of the mole on her chin. She tells us that she has birthed 7 handsome stong sons and that now she is going home to have some wine. She tells us to come with her to which we explain that we don't drink wine. Then she tells us that we can still come along for some cheese and bread. Then she puts her arm around my companions waist but she actually was to short so she kind of miscalculated and put her hand on my companion's rear. lol sooo funny. Then we walk this lady home only she keeps asking us the same questions and telling us the same things over and over agaain. So her son is there and they go inside and we wonder off to knock more house and reach the end of the street and realize that we are at the top of the hill that the castle is built on and look out and see that the street ends in a giant fall off and you can see the whole city below. Then it was time to go home.

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