Saturday, October 20, 2007

Missionary Packages

If you clicked on this link looking for buying a missionary package, you can find what you are looking for here.

Rome Italy

Daejon Korea

When my wife was a young missionary in Quebec, Canada, her mom was a perfect correspondent. She wrote faithfully every week and sent her several packages. Even though none of her family was LDS, they were supportive of what she was doing and wonderful about communicating with her often. Now that her own daughters are on missions, she's not doing so well. She's never been a very good letter-writer. She's great at emailing, so they hear from her each week when they check their email. But she's only sent a handful of letters and one package each. (She made a mini-scrapbook of family pictures and sent it to each of them.) She got an email from oldest daughter's mission president's wife. What an on-the-ball lady! She is reminding each missionary's parents that packages for Christmas need to be in the mail soon. She wants us to send them to the mission office where they will be held until a special mission-wide conference in December. My wife thinks it's a wonderful idea. But she needs your help! She can't think of what to send my daughters. One is in Korea and the other is in Italy. We are in a country where Christmas is not celebrated. So anything Christmassy will be impossible to find here. Give us some ideas on what to send--and tell her about packages you received on your mission that were meaningful to you!

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