Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Preach My Gospel Missionary Guide

When I went to my CTM Mission reunion last year in October, a couple of our former missionaries had been returning mission presidents. Elder Ballard had worked closely in the writing of the new missionary guide and had them pilot the program in their missions. They expressed great enthusiasm for the new guide and its content feeling it helped missionaries focus more on the Spirit in missionary service. I have the guide and feel all families should have one in order to use in Family Home Evenings with their children. I actually used the Gospel Essentials manual one year with my children for FHE. I won't allow one of my children to be baptized including at the age of eight without reading it. Fortunately I have gifted children who by eight could read the KJV or the Book of Mormon. Anyway how better to prepare a young man or young woman for a mission than discussing this spirtually powerful guide. I wonder if any return mission presidents or missionaries would like to share any experience or comments on Preach My Gospel.

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