Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Missionary Meme

Here's your chance to let everyone know about your missionary orientation.
1. Answer the three missionary questions
2. Do the missionary activity and return and report!
3. Tag 5 of your friends.

Here are the questions:
1. Did you serve a mission, and where?
2. What was your best missionary experience?
3. Who is the most missionary-oriented leader you have ever had?

Missionary Activity:
Ask a random stranger if they have ever heard about the Mormon Church, and if they would like to know more (Golden Question)

I served a mission in Rome, Italy and later Canada, Toronto under M. Russell Ballard. My best missionary experience was playing ping pong with a family we later baptized. We played ping pong every time we visited them. They wouldn't listen to us unless we played the game first. They would listen to us for an hour for every hour we played with them! The most missionary-oriented leader I ever had was Russell Ballard. He emphasized having the Spirit and talking to everyone we met.

I talked to one of my colleagues from Great Britain on the bus about the Mormon Church. He was interested and kept asking me questions. Because we've been warned not to talk about the Church very much while we are here in Saudi Arabia, I answered him by saying, "If I could talk about religion in this country, I would say such-and-such."

Now it's your turn. I tag Bookslinger, BiV, Jim, Connor, fmh Lisa.