Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Letters from Missionaries--Italy Rome

So wow this week was craziness. I have been thinking a lot about
missionary work and how I can just love love love love the people here. I mean
lets be honest it is not really that hard because they are amazing,
but there are certain experiences that test my lets just say Christ like
attributes. It is a totally different world serving with an Italian
because it is like being given a key into the understanding of a different
world. Every phrase, sarcasm, irony, humor, is explained to me and
expounded. It is amazing how much more difficult and yet easier it makes
the mission. Where as before once the door was closed and comments were
made inside when I am not actively listening I just don't hear, where as
my companion does. I never realized how many retarded things people
ay right after they close the door. I think my trainee hates to do
house. Don't worry I am doing everything I can to change her mind. But
something that my trainer taught me is that Satan really works hard on new missionaries. I initially didn't believe her and just thought that she was telling me that to make me feel better about myself. But oh just wait till you read my favorite story of what happened this week. I also learned from her that when people yell at you, if you are nice enough to them eventually they just shut up. So we were
talking to this lady because she looked lonely and she was just standing at
her door all alone like lots of vecchiette do. So we start talking and
she asks where we are from and of course I say America so she asks
what I am doing here and I say I am a missionary and I am here to share an
important message. Then I tell here that there is a prophet on the
earth today. She asks me what his name is and I tell her Gordon B. Hinckley.

She then says no ITS SATAN AND YOU ARE BOTH SATAN. Then I sweetly respond why would you say that to us. Then another lady who happened to be passing started yelling at us that we shouldn't try to fight with old ladies and that we should leave people to their own beliefs especially old people, I of course told her that we believed that our message was important for everyone but that if they were not interested we would be happy to leave and that I hoped that they would have a great day and that it was a pleasure to encounter them. At which point she finally stopped yelling. So the moral of this email is that the longer I am in the mission the more sure I am that Satan exists and as S. Mulas one of my favorite members here told us last week, it is not that Satan is very smart he has just been doing this for a long time and he is more Furbo (aka tricky) because we chose to be ridiculously stupid and not recognize the same tricks he has been using for pretty much ever. Every time someone tells me no, that this message doesn't serve anything, or that we shouldn't try to share our message, my testimony grows just a little. I hope I can help my poor trainee feel that... later that same day after two more fun incidents she stops me in the street and tells me.... to imagine the face of Gordon B. Hinckley waving his cane hello to members with his big ears and his goofy smile... then she exclaims HE DOESN'T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE SATAN, hello does he have horns, a tail, I don't think so. I know that there is a prophet on the earth today named GORDON B. HINCKLEY.

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