Saturday, December 15, 2007

Lacing Together Program

When I was on a mission in Canada Toronto Mission in the mid 1970s Elder Ballard liked to try different approaches. He constantly told us that if we ever broke 100 baptisms a month the power of Satan would be broken in Canada. We came close a couple of times but never broke 100. One of the programs that we implemented in our attempts was taken from William R. Bradford who had served in Chile Santiago Mission as President. When a person had committed to baptism we would go to them and ask them to give us a list of family and friends who they would like to invite to their baptism. We would personally go by and tell them that our investigator had asked that they attend their baptism and arrange a ride if necessary. Many times these people became a good pool for future discussions and baptisms. Simple methods of finding can produce good results. One of my stake presidents thought that programs such as these were not encouraged but rather we should concentrate on people. I have always felt that we should do both use techniques to find the one. Is there anyone out there who has a different prospective.

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