Saturday, December 22, 2007

Missionary Letters--Daejeon Korea

I have another disobedient companion....but the hard times in my mission are really a blessing because I feel so much closer to Heavenly Father. I really want to help you sounds fun...I spent all day today (P-Day) scrubbing the floors and trying to make the house as comfortable and homey as possible...One of the things that I'm trying to develop is the capacity to feel the spirit as much as possible for the last 6 months that I have left. I have realized more and more that I am influenced so much by my surroundings. If I eat too much sugar, or If I don't clean up my spirit is offended and it's hard to feel peace. I really appreciate the simple lifestyle that a mission facilitates. It makes me able to appreciate the simple pleasures of life...I read this talk by Elder Wirthlin called the Abundant Life, and my goal is to make first my mission, and then my life a masterpiece. Sometimes I wish that I could just see what God wants me to be because I could just become that. If I knew just what he wanted then it would be so easy to just do that. But I guess that's the point of agency and i can choose the most delicious and fascinating things to me and just focus on them. I always thought that it was important to be good at EVERYTHING before my mission but now I think maybe it's more important to be really amazing at a few things and just enjoy everything else. Anyhow right now I just want to make these last 6 months everything I can imagine for a mission...Do you have any ideas for important things to accomplish or do in mission work?

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